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Fixed price / Fixed time development
As a Technology Manager, you have the choice of sourcing software development services from Vendors in two ways-Times & Material or Fixed-price/Fixed-time contract. You are worried to use Time and Material as you have to pay contractors at hourly/daily rates and you have no way of measuring their productivity. Also, the risk of delivering the project on time and within budget is entirely with you. Therefore you are looking at enlisting a vendor who can either co-develop or fully develop the project and also share the risk associated with it. You want this vendor to be experienced in such work and have an optimized methodology for executing it. In summary, you want this vendor to be your project partner and have the same goals/agenda as you do i.e. finish the project successfully on time.
Our service
We have an excellent track record in executing fixed price projects. Each and every project we have worked on has been delivered on time and under budget. We owe this success to our excellent estimation techniques, industry expertise, project management experience as well as our well thought out and time-tested Vision To Execution (V2E) and Quick-VAR methodologies.
We can work with you in each of the phases of the full life-cycle - Discovery (Business Modeling), Analysis (along with Proof-of-concept), Design, Coding, Integration, Systems Testing and Deployment. Once the project has been fully delivered and accepted, we provide you with a warranty period during which we will fix bugs or errors. If you desire, you can utilize our post deployment maintenance service or we can provide documentation and training to your team to ensure smooth knowledge transfer and transition.
Benefits to You
This is a low risk approach. As a project partner we share in your project risk. Your goals and our goals are completely aligned i.e. to complete the project on time and under budget. You know the costs upfront. No surprises, budget overruns or time overruns. You pay based on reaching pre-agreed milestones. It is easy to measure our effectiveness and productivity. You are not only sourcing talented developers from us but also leveraging our estimation methods, Project Management skills and Quality processes. By choosing the combination of Onsite and Offshore delivery you can achieve significant cost savings.

Application maintenance services (Fixes, Enhancements, development)
Your organization, like any other, is faced with the challenge of developing new generation application while continuing to run the business with existing systems. This is putting tremendous strain on your resources. You need more staff as well higher IT budgets year after year. Cutting down on the scope of new applications to be developed is not an option. You are looking at outsourcing maintenance at an affordable price. You are looking at partnering with a vendor who can maintain the application and service your users at a level where they are very satisfied.
Our service
We have an excellent track record in supporting applications for our Customers. Since our inception, we have never lost a customer due to lack luster service. For maintenance, we have industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA's), an optimized process for communicating a maintenance request and a time-tested maintenance methodology. By partnering with us for application maintenance, you will spend lesser and be able to focus more on revenue generating development projects. With our on-site Plus Offshore maintenance service, you will overcome the strenuous resource ramp-up/ramp-down cycles that maintenance requires.
We understand that your applications and systems have been developed to meet the unique needs of your users. Hence we plan for our team to work for a while along with your team in maintaining the systems. This gives our team the opportunity of not just learning the applications but also the unique maintenance and support needs of your users.
We can work with you in delivering our maintenance service by deploying resources at your location or by off-shore or by deploying resources both at your location as well as offshore.
Benefits to You
Keep your users happy by partnering with a vendor who can commit on and meet all the service level requirements and agreements. Overcome the strenuous resource ramp-up/ downsize cycles that application maintenance requires. Reduce costs by leveraging offshore resources. Leverage the time difference between At-site & Offshore to provide cost effective 24x7 supports to your users. You can utilize our team for short cycle time production fixes, medium size enhancements as well as large/ new functionality development

Testing services
It happens with the best of us. There is a deadline to be met and there are just not enough resources to complete comprehensive testing! Your organization, like many others, is rolling out applications without fully or even partially testing them. You want to stop this by ensuring that "Testing" becomes a compulsory part of the software process. You want to do this with a minimal impact on your resources, deadlines and budget.
Our service
Recent studies indicate that 70% of applications/products are rolled out without comprehensive testing. Comprehensive testing requires that a company maintain a full-fledged testing group staffed with testers who can write test cases, scripts, procedures and exercise automated test tools. Many companies do not consider this their core competency and tend to under-staff, under-train or under-budget the testing group.
This is another opportunity to where a Technology Manager will benefit by partnering with SESCO. We can assimilate your testing practices and combine it with some of our own. To meet your tight deadline situations, we could assemble a team who could help ensure that testing is not compromised for lack of resources. Better still; we can maintain a team of dedicated testing resources offshore, at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost you, which you could utilize as your own testing team. This testing team would use state-of-art tools and techniques to ensure that you roll out only fully tested applications. Our testing services include:

Establishing and enforcing coding standards
Developing a test plan
Unit testing, Integration testing
Compatibility and installation testing
Functionality testing
Performance testing

Benefits to You
We use tools in automating as many steps in the testing process as possible. This will allow you to have us perform testing as frequently and as thoroughly as needed
Our "InSync - test as you develop" testing methodology will ensure that the testing and development activities are integrated
Our flexible delivery model will give you the option of engaging us either for providing testing staff at your location, or offshore
You can utilize our Value-for-money dedicated offshore testing labs at very economical rates. The Onsite/Offshore time difference can be leveraged to provide round the clock develop/testing cycles.

Distributed delivery model (On-site + Offshore delivery)
Today's technology managers face many challenges like the advent of new technologies, tight labor markets, shorter project deadlines and decreasing budgets. Recruiting temporary consultants can help but is definitely not economical. One choice is outsourcing project development on a fixed-price/fixed-time basis. But this is a temporary solution. What happens to the next project? We recommend that you adopt a more innovative, but low-risk approach - "Leverage the technical talent available globally". In doing so, work with a partner who will extend your team by setting up a dedicated team offshore and also take on the load of managing it.
Our service
Our Distributed Delivery Model and experience in running dedicated offshore development centers for many clients can come to your rescue in making this seemingly complex, but extremely rewarding, process work for you. We set up dedicated offshore development facilities for our Customers in three phases - Pilot Phase, Ramp-up phase and finally the Virtual facility phase. Our Distributed Delivery Model is tuned to handle requests for changes quickly. It also ensures that the burden of managing offshore activity is with us, not you. We deploy resources both on-site and offshore and the typical distribution of work among them is as follows:
Project management, Distributed delivery co-ordination, Discovery (Business modeling), Requirement analysis / clarifications, High level design, Testing and Deployment Team management, detailed design, Coding, Testing, Documentation
Benefits to You
Your cost of development will decrease substantially Knowledge retention thanks to lower attrition offshore By using our existing and well-equipped offshore development centers, you will save on the costs of real estate and infrastructure too. Our time tested and well refined Distributed Delivery Model will enable you to successfully utilize offshore development.
Thanks to the time difference between India, UK and US the offshore team can start development/testing work on designs sent by the end of the day.
In summary, what you will benefit from is a virtual extension of your own organization but at a much lower cost, low management overhead and much broader access to technical talent.