Outsource Manufacturer of Gold and Platinum Fine Jewelry

Located in the Bangkok suburb of Lad Krabang, CB Fine Jewelry’s red brick manufacturing studio is a landmark building in the area. There our skilled management and staff welcome jewelry suppliers from around the globe.  Fully aware of how unique every jewelry manufacturing situation can be, we are always open to discussing special services to suit client needs. A few of our special services include:


To ensure full trust from qualified clients, CB Fine Jewelry allows a small sample order to be placed, so that the quality of craftsmanship can be experienced up close. Contact CB Fine Jewelry for details.


All of the raw materials used by CB Fine Jewelry are natural, genuine, and of premium quality. Our precious metals match all international standards. At your request, we can provide our company's certificate detailing the specifications, accompanied by a photo of the jewelry.

A certificate issued by the Gemological Institute of Thailand* can also be provided with a small fee.

* The Gemological Institute of Thailand is government-sponsored and is a CIBJO registered laboratory


CB Fine Jewelry welcomes those designers interested in branding their own products. After sending us the stamp or artwork, we are happy to forge a company’s mark on the client's jewelry.


Our in-house team of jewelry designers are at the client's disposal--to help create new designs or modify existing ones.

Please visit our website: http://www.cbfinejewelry.com for more information and to view an online catalogue.