AdOn Network

myGeek's AdOn Network delivers quality Search and Internet traffic to your website on a Cost-Per-View and Cost-Per-Click basis.

AdOn Network delivers over 55 million unique users and 3 billion searches monthly. No other ad network features the combination of quality traffic along with unmatched flexibility and control to maximize your ROI.

Control Your Location: Site-Specific Advertising
Control Your Approach: CPV & CPC Keyword-Targeted Ads
Control Your Results: ROI Conversion Tracking
Control Your Budget: Auction Pricing & Spending Caps

Cost-Per-View and Cost-Per-Click Advertising

AdOn Network gives you the flexibility to create both Cost-Per-View (CPV) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) campaigns.

CPV is an innovative and effective way to deliver consumers directly to your website at precisely the time they are most interested in your products or services. CPV combines keyword targeting with the low cost model of CPM (Cost per Thousand) to display your website, not just a text or banner ad. You only pay when a consumer views your website, with bids starting as low at $.005 per view.