Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer Specializes in Hand-milgraining

The finishing touches are what’ve elevated CB Fine Jewelry’s diamond jewelry above the ordinary and into the realm of wearable art. Like the renowned platinumsmiths of 1920s Paris, CB’s elite team of precious metal artisans specialize in the time-honored tradition of hand-milgraining—a meticulous craft that imprints every piece with an exquisite pattern, reflecting the fanciful moment it was created. As a painter works his canvas, CB’s master milgrainers work their platinum and 18K gold towards a dazzling finish, a one-of-a-kind work of art. Adored for a lifetime.

CB Fine Jewelry Co. Ltd. is a leading wholesale manufacturer of vintage-inspired fine designer jewelry and diamond jewelry. Our couture collections are crafted exclusively for distributors and retailers, and not sold directly to the consumer. These collections range from garden motif eternity bands to micro wire-set engagement rings, and from Edwardian style earrings and pendants to micro pavé-set diamond bracelets. Each piece reflects the Old World craftsmanship that elevated fine jewelry from the province of simple ornamentation to the realm of wearable Art. Our skilled artisans work in both platinum and 18K gold, excelling in the time-honored traditions of hand-engraving, delicate wire filigree, and hand-milgraining.  As 's premier outsource provider of fine diamond jewelry manufacturing services, our company offers a wealth of expertise to jewelry designers in need of a manufacturing studio.