PMG Worldwide Ltd

Air Freight Import

Overview: We can arrange import airfreight from anywhere in the world using our network of agents to arrange contact with your suppliers and have your procurements picked up and air freighted to the UK.

Customs & Duties: We handle customs clearance, airline handling, airport transfer fees, storage, import duty/VAT, excise duty, deferments and petties as well as managing bonded warehousing and road transport to destinations.

Cross Trading: Shipments do not have to be destined for the UK, we can arrange shipping to any destination you require handling all import formalities for the shipment’s destination.

Bonded Warehousing: We can arrange bonded warehousing and remote transit shed facilities around all airports in the UK catering for both long and short stay. As independent agents we can specify the most suitable facilities for your requirements be they temperature, humidity or other environmental controls, container handling facilities and security.

Assembly & Distribution: We can manage complex logistics operations including foreign assembly, import including customs formalities and UK distribution.

Use Of Deferment: For a flat rate on vat/duty, we can offer 'use of deferment' facilities to speed up payment to customs & release of shipments and effective use of bonded warehousing to reduce compliance costs and excise duty payments.

Inbound Consolidations: We can offer inbound consolidations to Heathrow and a number of other airports allowing us to offer very competitive freight rates.

Project Management: For complex import shipments we offer a comprehensive project management service catering for the integration of a whole range of services such as air-side supervision, packing, pallet building, distribution, integration of multiple transport routes including road, sea and rail, as well as tour management.

Door To Door: Depending on our customers requirements we can manage shipments in part or full transit lengths, from door to door or airport to airport or any other combination. We have excellent contacts at all British airports and are right next door to London Heathrow.

Rates: We offer a range of rates based on service requirements catering for priority, standard and economy shipments as well as specials.

Reporting: We offer full reporting to client specification as well as direct access to our carrier tracking facilities. We aim to provide the very highest levels of service detailing all elements of the movement from insurance, customs tariffs, carrier fees, packaging requirements and other legal and safety issues.