Tronixlink PIL

OEM PCBA circuit board (PCB) EMS service provider in China

Tronixlink provides highest quality work, the most cost-effective manufacturing solutions and world-class customer service.
• We recognize the best options for printed circuit board and end product assembly.
• Perform exacting analysis of customer’s assembly, test and quality control needs to determine specific equipment and process requirements.
• We also analyze materials cost savings potential, engineering support, location preference, short-term and long-term business strategy to determine total project strategy.
• We provide electronics product quality of international standard, specifications at the lowest cost while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship, inspection and testing.
Benefits of Contract manufacturing of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies at Tronixlink
Benefits of contract manufacturing of PCBA at Tronixlink include lower product cost, faster product introductions, higher quality and lower asset investment because no necessitate of investment in electronics manufacturing instruments and training.
• Can advantage good benefit of Infrastructure to handle everything from ordering and receiving parts to inspection and quality control.
• Provides prototype and mass volume electronics manufacturing production capability.
• Full logistics system for taking service, complete orders and shipping directly to customer.
• Assurance for zero defects and on-time delivery.
• Cost-savings on parts due to the high-volume of outsource electronics manufacturing service.
• Accelerate contract manufacturing or product repair when a temporary, quick-turn outsource production solution is needed.
Tronixlink’s Electronic Contract Manufacturing Service (EMS)
• PCBA layout
• Prototype builds
• Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) - Single sided , Double sided , Multilayer, Backplanes, Industrial Power boards, Wire Wrap boards, Fine-line , Analog , Digital
• Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
• Pre-production assistance
• Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
• Design For Test (DFT)
• Design and manufacturing many different types of PCB products including rigid PCB, flexible PCB, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards
Our PCBA Technologies
• Surface mount technology (SMT)
• Ball grid array (BGA)
• Plated through hole (PTH) technology
• Micro BGA
• Flip Chip, Chip On Board (COB)
• Tape Automated Bonding (TAB)
• Bare die wire bond