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Electrophoretic Coating

Electrophoretic Paint: An automatic electrophoretic paint (E-coat) plant with a process window of 1.5m x 0.9m x 0.3m and a maximum load capacity of 250Kg. E-coat offers high corrosion resistance coupled with an excellent aesthetic appearance which is fast becoming the coating of choice for the automotive industry.

Benefits: The principal benefit of electrophoretic paint is the uniform density of the finish across the whole part, even on complex shapes. The benefit of a uniform coating density is an important feature where colour consistency is required. E-coat is often applied where corrosion protection is required to satisfy warranty agreements. Electrophoretic paint is a low cost treatment that offers the opportunity for a quick turn around on large volumes. [top]

Technology: Electrophoretic paint (E-Coat) technology is particularly advantageous for the application of a uniform organic coating formed on fabricated metal components. Unlike sprayed or dipped coatings, an electrophoretic coating is of uniform thickness on even the most complex shapes, including the edges. The size of components and parts is not in itself limiting; motor vehicle manufacturers routinely coat car chassis and other parts for corrosion protection with electrophoretic paint. [top]

Quality: Electrophoretic paint coatings are free of sags, beads and runs. These coatings exhibit excellent salt spray and humidity resistance, high throwing power, good hardness and flexibility. [top]

Automotive: E-coat is commonly used through out the automotive industry where high corrosion resistance is required on sub frame components such as steering racks, suspension mounts, chassis fixtures and auxiliary attachments such as tow bars. [top]
Paint Process PPG POWERCRON Cationic epoxy coating-high build
Thickness 15-30 micron, according to specification
Hardness 2H minimum
Throwing Power 18-20cm (Ford Test)
Ductility Very Good
Cross Hatch Adhesion 95-100%
Colour Black
Gloss-60 degree 20-60%
Corrosion Protection Neutral salt spray resistance 1000 h plus
Film properties based on zinc phosphate pretreatment with chromate seal.