LK Developing People

LK Developing People

Management Training

Do you want improved performance, managers who give effective feedback and staff who continue to develop their skills, and use a solution focus to increase effectiveness? I know what works in the real world, having business and management experience and studied human behaviour and business models.

Gain skills and confidence for coaching staff
Find out how to use the monkey analogy in delegating effectively.
Learn new techniques for being more effective at work.
Use the latest NLP techniques to improve your communications.
Understand the key to unlocking your staffs' potential.
Apply a solution focus approach to problems.
Gain new techniques to enhance presentations to win business or influence others.
Help instill culture change as a positive benefit.
Coaching skills to get the most from your staff:

An experienced coach I have developed a programme to transfer those skills to managers who need to work with staff beyond the initial stage of giving feedback. I focus on skills and techniques for working in partnership and for coaching staff to improve performance.

Those experiencing the course and now using the skills have said:

‘I am ready to tackle some really big issues that I had been ignoring.’

‘I can hear Loraine’s words ringing in my ears as I delegate more tasks to my staff. The models were so useful, I now have the frameworks I need.’

‘It was so easy once I started. The hostility melted away, the problem disappeared and we now work harmoniously together. I never thought that would happen.’

‘I have learnt to let go of the old perceptions that were stopping us build good relations. She has as well and we are planning her development together, something that I previously never thought possible.’

‘I feel charged up and ready to face the challenges and use the strategies.’

‘I wish I had known this stuff years ago!’


Tools and techniques for success at work.

Facilitation Skills:

Busy managers find that running effective meetings and consultation exercises with their teams, clients or in project work, is crucial to success. Engendering good communication and developing a team spirit is fundamental in providing excellent service. This training enhances skills and provides new insights into their effectiveness. Delivered in one action packed day at your premises staff leave with a new toolkit for action.

Delegates have said:

‘I had so much fun and learnt along the way.’

‘Excellent trainer and energizing style.’

‘Loraine is a good trainer and I came away inspired with so many new ideas.’

‘After the first hour I had learnt so much it was worth my while coming just for that.’

‘Loraines’ programmes have been well received by all our managers, challenging at times, and delivering real techniques that people can use to improve performance.’

To hear more success stories and talk through how I can bring the benefits to your organisation please give me a call or email.