LK Developing People

LK Developing People


Coaching can help you:

Resolve difficult management and supervision situations
Improve relationships with colleagues and clients
Gain effective communication strategies
Increase confidence
Discover how having a Solution Focus can transform your life
Bring business success
Reconcile work-life balance issues
Approach change in a positive frame of mind
Develop skills
Change behavior

Coaching helps you grow. Professional support helps identify changes and provides you with strategies to make them happen.

Loraine Kennedy provides individual and team solution focus coaching based on the needs of the client. Coaching sessions help formulate strategies for change, help people make life changes and deal with mid-career decisions. On-going, confidential, impartial support whilst making changes helps when things get tough.

You can have one session as a tester, then sign up for 4 more. We can arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time and place. Follow up sessions by phone or face to face with e-mail support. The choice is yours.
Clients have said:

‘Thank you so much Loraine for your help with my cv and preparation. I am now confident I can give the best possible interview.’
Chief Executive of voluntary sector organization

‘Thank you so much for tonight, you have made me feel so much better about myself…and I can’t wait to get started….no stopping me now.’
Client facing forced career change

‘I do understand I can’t change the habits of a lifetime tomorrow but I will take the first tentative steps towards looking after me. Thank you.’
HR manager, making personal change

‘When someone at work asked me how I had managed the changes, I said I had a secret weapon, called Loraine! I have recommended you to others who will be in touch.’
Account Director in Marketing

‘I feel things are moving in the right direction at last, I didn’t realize there was so much potential for finding fantastic jobs and how narrow my focus had become and I guess I needed you to point that out to me.’
Client in Marketing needing change of direction

‘Things are slowly moving forward and I am learning all the time what it is I really want to do and what is it that makes me happy. I needed you to make me see that was what I really wanted to do.’
Experienced teacher wanting to make change

‘Thanks so much for the handouts they were very helpful as was the coaching session. I have now tackled the member of staff and used a number of the ideas we discussed.’
Staff development manager; university sector

‘You have shown me how to present my skills and experience in a totally different way.’
University graduate applying for first career job.

Do give me a call to find out how coaching can be useful for you.