GDM Consulting

Coaching and Training

GDM Consulting believes that ongoing learning is a key element for continued success. Training is available in all the same areas as consultancy services, and can be delivered to small and large groups. GDM Consulting can also customize its training to meet the specific needs of each client.
Individual and team coaching is an effective method of realizing the skills learned in a formal training environment. GDM Consulting provides comprehensive coaching and mentoring services for individuals throughout the organization. Additionally, Gary Markin provides individualized executive coaching on a limited basis. To ensure that conflicts do not arise, please contact Mr. Markin to verify his availability to work with you.

Key Benefits
Communicate more effectively
Maximize self potential and that of staff
Prepare to scale your business
Learn how to most effectively use available resources


GDM Consulting offers training programs in Strategic Relationship Management, Corporate Alignment, Business Planning, Change Management, Project Management and several functional areas. We will work with each client to define their unique needs and then either refine an existing program or create a new one to meet those specific requirements.

The ability to transfer basic knowledge into a practical result is often challenging. We will work with identified personnel to ensure they can realize their maximum potential, combining core skills with each individuals unique talents. Through formal and informal coaching sessions, each individual will become a more valuable member of the corporate team.

Executive Coaching
GDM Consulting acts as a catalyst in implementing positive change, improving internal and external communications and increasing profitability and operational efficiencies. Through an ongoing one-on-one coaching program, we will help you get the results you want in such areas as:
Executive, Leadership and Management Effectiveness
Strategic Decision Making
Managing Corporate Change and Transition
Professional Growth and Skill Development
Professional Networking
Increased Revenue through Effective Sales and Marketing
Virtual and Global Team Coaching
Coaching on Diversity
Effective Communication and Professional Effectiveness
Employee and Client Retention