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Stay Young Fitness Corporation



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The 8 Week Physique
Price: $4,500.00

Be Prepared for the most intense, body and life changing experience known to man. Stay Young Fitness Corporation and its team of Expert Personal Trainers will take control of your health, and transform your body and life in just 8 short weeks. Lose 30, 40, or even 50 lbs or more in less than 2 months time.

Features are:

Intense exercise regimen approved and monitored by your physician
Personalized Meal Plans by a Licensed Nutritionist
Personal Chef Delivered gourmet meals
Extensive bodyfat, strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility assessments performed
You will be designated a team of trainers to watch every step
Your workouts will consist of weight training, cardio-kickboxing, flexibility and cardiovascular training
Your team of trainers will show up when you least expect it, anywhere, anytime
Expect to lose between 30-50 lbs over these incredibly exciting 8 weeks

Welcome to the 8 Week Physique Program by Stay Young Fitness, Inc. This challenging, yet rewarding 8 week program is designed to test every aspect of body and mind, both physically and mentally. You will be overseen by an entire team of trainers, all watching every move you make for 8 weeks. This team will be lead by one of the top personal trainers in the country, Damien Young. Your program will consist of intense exercise, personalized nutrition plans, and our team of trainers keeping a watchful eye on everything you do. You can not cheat, you will not cheat. We will ensure your success by doing whatever it takes to make you follow this program. These 8 weeks will transform your body to its fullest potential. This is the world’s most intense, real life, body transformation program ever designed. Welcome to the 8 Week Physique!

Here’s how it works:

You will receive a full thorough physical examination by your physician prior to your start date. All medical information will be forwarded to your team of trainers. Your physician will be contacted to discuss the program which you are about to partake in.

You will meet with your lead trainer to discuss your goals, then receive a full physical fitness evaluation, testing your muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, bodyfat analysis, and circumference measurements.
You will meet with a Certified Nutritionist prior to your start date. He/she will develop a meal plan suited for your goals. This will be followed to the exact specifications of the plan.
Our personal chef will cook at least 4 meals per week for dinner and 2 lunches for you to eat during the week, then deliver them to your door.
You will be in constant contact with your lead trainer. You will give your next day’s schedule to your lead trainer daily.
Your team of trainers will assemble a rapid weight loss strategy for you. You will be notified of the terms and rules with which you must adhere to.
The 8 Week Physique! You have rules, we don’t! We will do everything in our power to ensure your rapid results. Your team of trainers will take full control over your health for 8 weeks. You will have an intense exercise regimen, consisting of weight training, cardio-kickboxing, flexibility training, core conditioning, and cardio respiratory conditioning. You’ll have trainers showing up at your door when you least expect it. You’ll have trainers showing up at your lunches and dinners. Your local restaurants will fax us their menus, which in turn, will highlight what you can and can’t have. Sometimes your trainers may even bring your lunch to you. You will have workout gear accessible at all times. You never know when a quick 10 minute ab workout is in your future.

The success of our business relies on your success in the program. We will do everything possible to ensure that you receive safe, rapid results with the program. Welcome, once again, to the World’s Most Intense, Real Life Body Transformation Program.

Welcome to the 8 Week Physique!

Expect the Unexpected. Your team of trainers will do absolutely everything possible to ensure your success in the program. Failure is not an option, nor will it ever be!
Call (877)-Get-Fit 4 for more information on this life changing experience or

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