Elegant Eats Personal Chef Service

Elegant Eats Personal Chef Service

Cooking Classes

Price: $25.00
Chef Shelley will work closely with you to ensure a successful, enjoyable event.

She provides professional instruction including “tricks of the trade” insights, special techniques, and lots of food trivia, all contributing to the thoroughly entertaining atmosphere. Don’t forget the fantastic food! She also handles all of the grocery shopping and equipment requirements, so you can enjoy the experience along with your guests.

Each guest will receive recipe cards that include all the information they need to recreate the featured recipes in their own kitchens.

Choose from a variety of classes like:

Spanish Dinner Party
This class will transport you to the different regions of Spain where you will experience diverse taste sensations complete from soup to dessert! Traditional Spanish cooking techniques have been adapted within this class for the home chef to create these inspiring and delicious dishes.

Asian Inspiration
Savor the magical cuisine of Asia. This class blends the subtle and exotic flavors of the Far East with the traditional and familiar ingredients of the West. This class will teach you about Asian flavors and how to balance these different components and create an engaging presentation.

A Southwest Celebration
Southwestern fare is known for melding the foods from diverse ethnic groups into a cuisine that relies heavily on the bounty of the earth. It crosses the borders coupling the cultural flavors of Hispanic and Native American cooking with the wide variety of chili peppers from New Mexico. A rich heritage that combines tradition with innovation lends itself to a class that is creative, delicious and fun.

Small Plates Around the World
One of life’s greatest joys is spending quality time with friends and family. Learn how to prepare tasty world-cuisine appetizer treats that will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests. These recipes can be the beginning of a great meal or by themselves become a simple yet sumptuous feast.

Appetizer Essentials
Here’s a class with an appetizer menu that you will quickly find to be a delicious addition to your entertaining repertoire! Learn essential techniques used in preparing stuffing and fillings. Experience the taste difference between Parmigiano-Reggiano and Parmesan cheese. This class will also present great make-ahead tips and recipe variations that are the secret to more time spent with your guests and less time spent in the kitchen!

Dining Under the Stars - Grilling
This tantalizing al fresco menu is for the serious backyard barbecue enthusiast. These recipes are guaranteed to create outdoor excitement or adapt them for indoor grilling. Learn chef secrets that will ensure success and consistent results every time.

Spring/Summer Desserts
Fresh fruits, herbs and flowers are quintessential ingredients for the warmer seasons. We’ve updated some traditional favorites to bring even more seasonal fun to your home. Perfect to serve to your family and friends or give as unique, one-of-a-kind gifts that will delight anyone.