NM Marketing Communications

Communications Strategy

Our first step with every client is to develop a communications strategy. This process provides a roadmap for each client's program.

Communications Strategy: Understand Markets, Assess Business Needs, Evaluate Available Resources, Choose Tactics, Create Timeline

There are five steps to developing a communications strategy:

- Understanding Your Market
Gauge key players, market position, market influences and changes.

- Assessing Your Business Needs
Determine primary objectives, competitive pressures, barriers to success.

- Evaluating Available Resources
Consider strengths and weaknesses, budget, staffing, time.

- Choosing Appropriate Tactics
Integration of public relations, advertising, direct mail, Internet, trade shows, etc.

- Creating a Timeline
Establish short-term vs. long-term goals, accommodate seasons and market cycles, link corporate development to industry events.

If your company would like to receive the immediate and long-term benefits from a comprehensive and cost-effective communications strategy, call us at 847-657-6011.