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Direct Marketing

Targeting customers with a well-conceived direct mail campaign is still one of the most cost-effective tools in the marketer's arsenal. Concepts can be as simple as a well-designed postcard or as elaborate as a multi-part, three-dimensional mailing.

Direct Marketing: Concept Development, Design, Copywriting, Copy Editing, Proofreading, List Management, Distribution, Tracking & Follow-Up

We'll work with you on the critical elements that make a direct mail campaign a success:

- Concept Development - to determine the best target markets and the proper messages for generating the desired response from those markets.

- Design - the key to making a positive first impressive and quickly conveying your message.

- Copywriting - the critical element in motivating action (buying your products) once you have the attention of your target audience.

- Copy Editing - to trim the fat and make sure your message hits the target in the center of the bull's-eye.

- Proofreading - an essential step in creating materials that present your company in the best light.

- List Management - creating and maintaining your database of prospects is absolutely essential for effective direct marketing. An outdated list is costly in terms of lost leads and excessive expenses.

- Distribution - the frequency and methods of distribution can significantly affect the impact of your campaign and your cost-per-lead.

- Tracking & Follow-Up - the most crucial step in gaining a return on your investment (qualified leads and sales) from all of your direct marketing campaign efforts.

If your company would like to receive the immediate and long-term benefits from a cost-effective, direct marketing program, call us at 847-657-6011.