NM Marketing Communications

Editorial Services

NM Marketing Communications values the power of the written word. We help clients put their best word forward in a variety of ways, from writing speeches or creating white papers, to managing publications or editing technical documents.

We have the ability to craft documents from start to finish as part of an integrated marketing communications approach, or work with you to review and polish existing materials. Our writers probe for the essence of your key messages, and then put them into words that inform, motivate or educate your audience. Our editors are meticulous about every detail… from misspellings, grammatical oversights, and missing punctuation to broken web links and inconsistencies in content, format, and style.

Editorial Services: Technical Editing, Copy Editing and Content Editing, Proofreading Services, Publications Management, Specialized Writing

Our editorial services include:

- Technical Editing - Put our strong technical aptitude and exceptional organizational skills to good use for your technical communications needs. We can:

• Review content for organization, readability, and consistency.
• Proofread, edit, and rewrite content for printed and electronic channels.
• Test documentation against the use of products for technical accuracy and validity.
• Work with your subject matter experts to ensure that all technical copy meets corporate editorial and brand standards and that complex topics are presented clearly.
• Increase the usability of your existing documentation through substantive and creative editing.

- Copy Editing and Content Editing - You supply the subject matter experts and let us worry about the language mechanics. With superb knowledge of English grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation, our editors will review, proof, edit and rewrite content according to appropriate style guidelines. We will also manage the consistency of formats used, resulting in error-free, effective copy.

- Proofreading - High quality, professional proofreading is an essential step in creating materials that present your company in the best light. Don’t let a typographical error or grammatical goof send your prospects running to the competition.

- Publications Management - We know what it takes to keep a publication on schedule, whether it’s a once-a-year project, such as an annual report or catalog, or a recurring document, such as a newsletter or journal. Our editors can establish the production deadlines, coordinate creative resources for design and writing, and identify appropriate printers.

- Specialized Writing - Key messages can be communicated in a number of ways, each requiring its own voice and style. Our years of writing experience have prepared us to craft the proper tone for white papers, speeches, feature articles or technical manuscripts.

If your company would like to receive the immediate and long-term benefits of working with a full-service, integrated marketing communications company for your next editorial project, call us at 847-657-6011.