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Employee Satisfaction Surveys
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Dissatisfied employees tend to perform below their capabilities, leave their jobs relatively quickly and are not very likely to recommend your company as an employer. Loyal and productive employees are any business's most important asset, yet few take the time to measure their employees' satisfaction. Even fewer track how this measure moves over time.

Do you know how satisfied or dissatisfied your employees are? You should.
Dissatisfied employees tend to perform below their capabilities, leave their jobs relatively quickly, and are unlikely to recommend your company as an employer. Loyal and productive employees are your most important asset. Make employee satisfaction your next initiative. Let Outside the Lines, Inc. show you how.

Don’t be blindsided by low morale. Find out where your employees stand, today, with our easy online surveys.

• Quick results

• Low cost

• High response rates

• Better quality responses, especially on open-end, comment questions

• Up-to-the minute results can be viewed in easy-to-read graphs or tables

• Employee convenience - survey online availability 24/7 from any Internet connection

• Fast and easy - more appealing to participants

• Confidentiality can be guaranteed by a third party

Employee Surveys are a vital tool to measure and benchmark the satisfaction of your employees, and allow your company to understand employee perceptions. Perception is reality. Because employees at every organization act on the basis of their perceptions, management must be keenly aware of employees' views. Outside the Lines, Inc.'s employee satisfaction surveys deliver a successful means of measuring, and acting upon, employees' current beliefs on many job-related subjects.

Outside the Lines, Inc. can implement a fast and efficient Employee Satisfaction Survey that allows you to automatically capture, track and statistically analyze your employee data. Use in conjunction with exit interviews to track both current and former employee sentiment over time.

Online employee satisfaction surveys provide organizations with:

• The means to diagnose issues and overall organizational climate

• Honest feedback from employees

• Information on how the employees perceive the company:

- Environment

- Management

- Work Load and Requirements

- Company Culture

- Compensation / Benefits

- Safety

• Timely notification of possible problem areas within specific departments

• A team of experts who will work with your company to best use this information for retention and recruitment


The information gathered from employee satisfaction surveys can give you the management knowledge that directly impacts the bottom line and fosters positive employee relations in any or all of the following ways:

• Identifying cost-saving opportunities

• Improving productivity

• Reducing turnover

• Curbing absenteeism

• Strengthening supervision

• Evaluating customer-service issues

• Assessing training needs

• Streamlining communication

• Benchmarking the organization's progress in relation to the industry

• Gauging employees' understanding of, and agreement with, the company mission

Visit us online at or call 707.933.0687.

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