Community Cafe & Annex Wine Bar

Community Cafe & Annex Wine Bar

Guest Satisfaction Surveys

Outside the Lines, Inc. Guest Service Satisfaction Surveys is a cost effective way to - Partner with your customers to solicit and receive customer feedback 24/7 - Reward your customers with "bounce back" coupons to promote repeat business - Receive timely notification of problems and save dissatisfied customers - Conduct targeted research surveys with current and perspective customers.

Guest Service Satisfaction Surveys are necessary tool in remaining competitive in today's market.

With an Outside the Lines, Inc. guest satisfaction survey, your company will:

Quickly and cost effectively measure your customer experiences either on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Gain insight into the needed action to solve customer issues, improve satisfaction, and build loyalty.

Have the ability to make smart business decisions based on objective, accurate customer feedback.

Have the means to quickly isolate problems, and find and correct service or product issues, contact and save customers who had a disappointing experience.

Quickly receive feedback on new products and/or services, enabling you to react to the market in a timely manner.

Freedom from the cost and time requirements of paper-based surveys.

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