Community Cafe & Annex Wine Bar

Community Cafe & Annex Wine Bar

Online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Our training programs combine expertise, critically-acclaimed instructional design and a focus on the unique challenges of the Wine & Hospitality Industry to provide our clients online and in-person training on preventing workplace harassment.

Online Seminars at our Virtual University:

Outside the Lines, Inc.'s online and on-site courses provide employees legally sound and engaging instruction on this critical topic.

The only online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training seminars designed specifically for the unique challenges of the wine & hospitality industry:

Available for your employees 24/7, eliminating the scheduling and location challenges of in-person seminars.

Time and cost effective, this course provides your employees with the knowledge necessary to help keep your company a safe and enjoyable place to work.

Keep your company in compliance with AB 1825. AB 1825 mandates Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for all supervisory and management employees a minimum of once every two years.

Media for online seminars includes:

Content specific to the wine, spirits, restaurant, and hospitality industry

Information and examples that are engaging, interactive, and meet the test for the required content

The ability to track the e-learners participation component

Real time Q & A knowledgebase for e-learner feedback

24 hour technical assistance

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