CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health)
Seeks to affect children’s attitudes and behaviors towards nutrition and physical activity. In the largest school-based health promotion study that has ever been done in the United States, CATCH was shown to improve children’s food and activity behaviors, increase levels of activity in physical education classes, and reduce the fat content of school lunches.

The Whole School, The Whole Child
A school that adopts the CATCH program creates an environment that supports the adoption of healthy behaviors. Children not only learn about healthful eating and activity; they get to prepare and sample more healthful food choices. They learn to identify healthful physical activities and get to participate in physical activity that is fun, improves their level of physical fitness, and is intended to promote their interest in being physically active. Children are served more healthful school lunches and they, along with their families, get to try healthier foods and activities together. The healthy CATCH environment can even be extended to after school and community recreation settings. In a CATCH school, students are immersed in an environment that supports and encourages a healthy lifestyle.