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Let's face it postcard marketing gets results
Postcards, are one of the oldest forms of print marketing. Postcards achieve almost a 100% readership and have an impressive ROI, while being inexpensive and simple to use. At Cheap Club Flyers we have a wide range or postcard marketing sizes and options. We can make postcards in almost any size to fit your print marketing objectives.
Using postcards and flyers are a cheap way to get your point across. Postcards are versatile and a great marketing material tool that will fit just about any purpose and any budget. When you use postcards in your marketing campaigns you can hand deliver them, mail them, post them on boards and bulletins – or leave them where they can be easily seen and picked up by everyone.
Cheap and highly effective – flyers and postcards are easy to reproduce through digital printing, color printing or custom printing.
But if you are mainly concerned with the budget, then have the copies printed on wholesale. Rest assured that the quality will never be lacking.
Perfect for custom colors and designs – you can include logos or your trademark embellishments, or have the copies done in two to four colors.
We at can help provide and marketing strategy to keep your name in front of customers and have an impressive ROI. Flexible, informative, and creative - postcard marketing generate sales and keep your name in front of potential customers.

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5000 Full Color 4 X 6 Flyers 12pt Card Stock w/ Aqueous Coating Only 225.00