CC&B Training (Full Life-Cycle)

Current Curriculum

PROJECT TEAM ORIENTATION (PTO) : Provides a high level understanding of CC&B functionality and assistance to project decision makers in assembling the implementation team.
Course duration is 2-3 days.

FUNCTIONAL IMPLEMENTATION TRAINING (FIT): Provides students with an architectural and functional understanding of CC&B functionality. A combination of slide lecture and hands-on exercises covers the functional breadth of the system relevant to the client's specific implementation. This course is designed to prepare implementation team members to participate effectively in the analysis sessions of your upcoming implementation.
Course duration is 10 days.

END-USER TRAINING: A mix of custom and core training elements that present sound CC&B practices integrated with the customer’s specific CC&B configuration and business processes. This training provides end users with a practical hands-on training specific to their role in the organization.
Course duration varies by project requirements