Triad Securities

Prime Brokerage

Prime brokerage facilitates the clearance and settlement of securities traded by active market participants. Prime brokerage involves three parts:

Customer - typically a substantial institutional or individual investor.
Executing Broker - executes the trade for the customer.
Prime Broker - settles, clears, and finances the customer trades executed by one or more executing brokers.

Triad Securities provides personalized service to over 250 prime broker accounts through a centralized group of trained prime brokerage specialists who address all your U.S. and international clearing, financing and support needs.
Triad's prime brokerage allows the customer to use the services of several executing brokers, while maintaining only one account (with the prime broker) and receiving one consolidated account statement.
As a Triad client, you communicate with an individual contact person, one who understands your specific brokerage needs. You speak with a real person - NEVER A VOICEMAIL!