Palladian International, LLC

Executive Recruiting

Palladian utilizes a variety of search strategies to uncover candidates. Each strategy has advantages, and our success is a result of using all of them in combination. In today’s environment talent is scarce. Waiting for great people to apply just doesn’t work, and farming public databases yields candidates that no one else wants to hire. Finding exceptional candidates requires proactive work.

The key to our success is knowing where to fi nd great candidates and where you won’t fi nd them. Do you think the top sales person from each of your competitors has posted a resume on Monster? Is the best ops manager in your industry reading the Help Wanted ads? Is the star programmer from the company down the street checking out the jobs on your website? Probably not. But these are the people that you want to hire.

If you are only getting resumes from career sites, advertisements or job fairs, then your candidate pool is entirely composed of individuals that didn’t stand out – people that other companies were not clamoring to hire. Relying solely on job boards is like building a pro sports team from the walk-on pool and skipping the draft. You may find a diamond in the rough, but you would have issed out on Michael Jordan and Joe Montana – and you would have missed out on six NBA Championships and four Superbowl victories.

Palladian finds top performing individuals currently succeeding, but who are open to hearing about other opportunities. These are the future All-Stars and Hall of Famers and we ensure you get first crack at them – before your competition.

Finding great candidates is just our starting point. We screen through these individuals, picking out the best. The screening process we utilize is designed to separate impact players from role players. The overriding qualities we require of our candidates are a pattern of success and the ability to deliver outstanding results to your organization.

Bottom Line: We are focused on your success by helping you find and attract the best talent to your organization.