Palladian International, LLC

Resume Assessment

Palladian offers a thorough assessment of your resume with specific recommendations for how you can improve it.

Developing a good resume is a critical step in a job search. Most people write their own resume. This can be effective, but often, individuals want to know that they got it right. If this sounds like your situation, Palladian can help.

The Palladian Resume Assessment is a proprietary tool for evaluating a resume on 61 different criteria. These criteria fall into five categories:

Resume Structure - a review of the basic structure of your resume and assessment of the appropriateness of this structure.

Resume Content - a review of both the basic and optional elements of your resume, assessed for level of detail and organization of the information.

Resume Sections - an independent review of each section of your resume.

Grammar - a review of your grammar, spelling and punctation.

Formatting - a review of your fonts, formatting and layout.

Our assessment will provide you with a clear rating of all 61 criteria, and includes specific recommendations for what should be improved.

The key to our service is that we tell you what aspects of your resume you need to improve.

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