Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online

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This series comprises all the modules in the Six Sigma Basics, Lean Basics, and Statistics menus, plus 5 BB Test Prep Courses which assist Six Sigma Black Belt professionals in assessing their level of knowledge using topics covered in the American Society for Quality's Body of Knowledge.

Six Sigma Introduction

Introduction to Lean Principles

What is Statistics?

Organization of Data

Measures of Central Tendency

Measures of Dispersion

Descriptive Statistics: Self Assessment

Calculating Process Based Costs

Validating The Measurement System

Maximizing ROI

Lean Tools II

Sustaining ROI

Control Charts

Extending ROI

Pareto Analysis


Introduction to Process Mapping

Lean Tools I

Scatter Diagrams

Cause and Effect Diagrams

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Introduction to Process Capability

Process Capability Assessments

An Introduction to Probability

Probability Distributions: Discrete Random Variables

Continuous Probability Distributions: Normal Curve

Introduction to Inferential Statistics

Confidence Interval for the Mean

Making Inferences about Proportions

Hypothesis Tests for the Mean

Comparing Means

Making Inferences about Variances

Inferential Statistics: Self Assessment

Simple Linear Regression


Lean Tools III

Student Instructions

Introduction to Minitab