HariSoft, Interactive Integrators

HariSoft, Interactive Integrators

Interactive Marketing Solutions

HariSoft is an interactive firm with a passion for excellence in design and technology that strengthens business.

We assist companies of all sizes in devising e-marketing strategies, designing branded content, creating powerful online surveys, managing lists, databases and customer responses using proprietary and industry leading technology.

We help our clients use e-mail, online research tools, landing pages and micro sites to acquire, convert, retain and understand their customers better. Our client list includes dynamic start-ups, small to medium sized businesses and fortune 500 companies.

Many types of intelligence are required to create high-impact communication solutions: visual, technical, emotional and linguistic to name a few. It's not enough to have talented people; the trick lies in knowing who to involve in any project and, crucially, when.

Our methodology for strategy and online branding pointedly draws on all stages of the product development process. Our teams are always structured to include people from design and branding, new technologies, usability and production. It helps us to remain mindful that whatever we propose will have to be built, because practitioners, not theorists, are involved from the start.

Because of its unapologetic pursuit of ideas that can be made, we call our approach 'design strategy'. It helps us engineer new technologies, communicate vision, streamline processes and inspire customers.