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Blue Ocean Strategy Defines an Alternative to ERP System and Software

If your happen to be one of those tens of thousands of companies looking for an alternative to the traditional packaged off-the-shelf accounting system but are not ready to accept the challenges associated with the complexity and expense of traditional ERP system and software, this may be exactly what you need.

iNfinite Answers is designed to encompass that area between basic level accounting packages and those complex ERP accounting systems.

We have shifted our position in the software industry from that of being a competitor to one of being a true alternative. When we recently took a few minutes to analyze our seamless workflow information system in light of how it lines up with the four actions framework of blue ocean strategy, we made the following observations.

Seamless Data Workflow – Our Four Actions Framework Analysis

1. The factors that the ERP and Information systems industry takes for granted, which we have eliminated in the iNfinite Answer system, are:

a. Integration services
b. Annual and or bi-annual modular updates
c. Long and or otherwise excessive installation times
d. Source files for internally created data transactions
e. History files for internally created data transactions
f. Successive/multiple screens for data entry of a single record
g. Annual, general systematic data removal

2. The factors we have reduced well below the industry’s standard.

a. Implementation and Operational Complexity
b. The Numbers of detail files required for semi-static summary files may be as low as zero. This applies to things like general ledger, any kind of costing analysis, payroll etc., even though all may be in play and possibly in numerous versions
c. Update programs to move corporate transaction data from source to active files as we have come to know them have all but disappeared and then in only rare circumstances
d. The number of update programs to move data details from active to history files has been highly reduced because the concept of having traditional history files is eliminated
e. The numbers of programs required to update summary database files such as general ledger, inventory and employee payroll is reduced to just one, not one for each module type and one for each end point as is traditionally implemented

3. The factors we have raised well above the industry’s standard.

a. Data quality
b. Simplicity
c. Ease of use
d. Use of multi-use and multi-function procedures and processes
e. Consistency in corporate database structure
f. Consistency in data maintenance methodologies
g. Universal consistency in screen design and drop down boxes
h. Utilization of disk space
i. User training
j. Flexibility of vertical applications allowable in a single database

4. The factors we have created that the industry has never offered.

a. Single point corporate consolidation
b. Emanation
c. Soft Step Corporate Diversification
d. Unlimited accounting ledgers
e. Natural structured workflow
f. Natural workflow plug in points
g. Ram Centric data access
h. Ram Centric user tools
i. Ageless data storage
j. Dynamic user prompting
k. User independent, bi-directional horizontal, and vertical tracking audit trails
l. User defined help text

Obviously, iNfinite Answers is an alternative product and service, an alternative to typical off-the-shelf accounting modules and an alternative to typical ERP systems. As a result, iNfinite Answers may very well be the next blue ocean Information Technology product.

We would be the first to admit that just like every other software product and service, iNfinite answers is not for everyone. No product is. But, for those companies which it is a good fit, virtually every item mentioned in the above analytical list, all those things the things that collectively defined it as being a blue ocean product, will also collectively save those who use it, many thousands of dollars.