• Jenna Rink:         Jennifer Garner

  • Matt Flamhaff:     Mark Ruffalo

  • Lucy Wyman:      Judy Greer

  • Young Jenna:      Christa B. Allen

  • Young Allen:        Sean Marquette

Revolution Studios presents "13 Going On 30" directed by Gary Winick, and written by Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith. Running time: 97 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for some sexual content and brief drug references).

Jennifer Garner plays Jenna Rink, an awkward 13 year-old, desperately trying to please and conform to the beautiful popular crowd in her school. In doing so, she alienates her best friend Matt who truly loves her. Frustrated and lonely, Jenna wishes to be 30 years old, in order to escape the awkward adolescent hand she's been dealt thus far in life.

Jenna's wish comes true, and she awakens as a beautiful and graceful 30 year-old career woman with the world at her feet! However, Jenna will learn important lessons about loyalty, love and integrity that take her wishes spinning in another direction. Jennifer emerges in this role as a charming and whimsical leading lady, along the lines of Julia Roberts.

The movie takes several turns as Jenna deals with a power struggle at "Poise" magazine (which she idolized as a 13-year-old, and at which she is one of the top editors as a 30 years-old), while trying to win the affection of Mat, who is engaged to be married.  She realizes that her "popular" friend from her teen years is still her supposed friend and now her associate at Poise Magazine. As this film progressed, I found myself increasingly more invested in the emotions of the main characters, Jenna and Matt.  Their chemistry was obvious and wonderful to witness as it blossomed and pulled me deeper into their intensifying connection. 

13 Going on 30 is an interesting addition to the "child in a grow up's body" genre, and a nice statement for Jennifer Garner's introduction as a comedic actor on the silver screen.
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