NAVA'S DESIGNS is the guru of custom designer baby nurseries...

Nava's Designs is owned by renowned baby bedding designer Nava Writz-Shoham. Nava started out as a baby furniture store sales clerk in the early eighties in Beverly Hills, CA. In her downtime she started sketching designs for what she thought baby bedding and nurseries SHOULD look like! Nava brought these dreamy designs to a friend who was a seamstress and the two started creating baby bedding of the likes that no one had ever seen before. Soon, baby store Bellini, where Nava worked, was carrying some of her designs and the Beverly Hills set was abuzz!!!

After several years of trial and error and saving her money, Nava set out on her own to create NAVA'S DESIGNS. Nava's Designs is now in 400 baby bedding and furniture retail stores and chains throughout the United States. Custom designs such as: "Dare to Wish", "Valentina", "Chopin", and "Purity" just to name a few, makes you think of a dreamy oasis of peace and tranquility for your baby. In total, Nava offers 175 unique designs with beautiful patterns and lush fabrics for your baby.

According to spokesperson Allison Kugel, many celebrities have enlisted Nava's Designs to design their babies' nurseries: Marc Anthony, Vanessa Williams, Melanie Griffith, Eddie Murphy, Joan London, and Shaquille O'Neal just to name a few! Bedding can be purchased in a basic four piece set, such as comforter, crib bumper, bed sheet, and mobile. Nava's designs can also be purchased extensively by ordering a full set of accessories based on one of Nava's many designs.