The island of Turks & Caicos, at one time an untapped gem for vacationing, literally (during the 1700s over $600,000 in gold and gems was recovered from this exclusive island), is now gaining a buzz among beach and sports lovers as the island with beautiful turquoise water and one of the most stimulating Club Med experiences in the world!

CLUB MED TURKOISE, OR TURKS & CAICOS is like a luxurious sleep away camp for busy adults who crave a week or so of non-stop activity and pleasure. My experience began before even arriving at this one of a kind resort. Throughout the duration of my plane flight to the island, I socialized with other excited travelers, and by the time I got off the plane and headed over to the Club Med village, I was in the company of new friends. I can't stress enough that Club Med is conducive to creating friendships and strengthening existing friendships or relationships. During your stay you can choose to room with parties whom you are traveling with, stay alone, or the resort can provide you with a roommate. This provides yet another head start in bonding with fellow guests.

Upon arriving at the village, you are greeted with a warm welcome by the staff and given a bracelet which is good for free drinks and bar food throughout your stay. At Club Med, guests choose how they spend their day. You can fill up your schedule with action packed sports and adventure, or you can simply lie on the beach staring out onto the breath taking turquoise surf. I, myself, opted for some adventure. One of my most memorable experiences was the trapeze. I was nervous as I waited in line for my turn to attempt this activity that one would only be exposed to at a unique resort such as this one. When it was my turn, I reached out and grabbed hold of the bar, almost hanging off the edge of the platform. I was a bit shocked at the speed in which I glided toward the other end of the trapeze. I did my flip and landed comfortably on the net. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should enjoy while at Club Med. Another activity I enjoyed was the trampoline. I felt like a kid again, which was so important as a diversion from the stress and fast pace of my career. Children get the opportunity to just "play" on a regular basis. But as adults, Club Med gives you that opportunity.

We all know that no vacation is complete without an array of delicious foods at your fingertips. CLUB MED TURKS & CAICOS did not disappoint! Upon entering the dining hall for each meal, you are greeted and taken to your seat by the staff. Then an unbelievable buffet of food awaits you. There were many interesting treats available only at the resort. For instance...ever heard of white chocolate bread before?? Neither had I. An entire section of the smorgasbord is dedicated to bread, with the white chocolate bread hailed as royalty among guests and staff alike. I'm sure you can imagine why! Mmmmmmmmmm.

The nightlife is fun and gets you in a silly playful mood. There is a nightly show performed by the staff. There are also dances and traditional singles fare as well as line dancing and other activities to break the ice and create good spirits among guests.


Club Med is the expert in all-inclusive vacations with more than 100 villages in exotic locations in more than 40 countries worldwide, spanning the U.S., the Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia.

Club Med offers first-rate amenities and include a variety of leisure, sports, educational and recreational activities, as well as endless gourmet buffets.

Each Club Med Village is located on at least 50 acres in exotic locations that embody the local country's culture, architecture and people. In recent years, Club Med has invested $350 million to upgrade its villages, including modern room accommodations, dining facilities and amenities.

Club Med Turkoise, Turks & Caicos is exclusively for guests ages 18 and over.

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