Nowadays it seems that whether you are a lawyer, teacher, or Indian chief, knowing how to communicate in the language of our neighbors to the south is, well... essential. More then ever the word "bilingual" appears in job ad after job ad, and professionals who do speak Spanish are often rewarded in the form of a higher salary or a higher hourly fee. Well, we have found a company who has the answer to this ever growing dilemma: provides bilingual materials and Seminars for professionals who do not speak Spanish... but have clients who do! offers a line of products that are aimed at Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Early Intervention Teachers and Parents who want to give their children a good primer course on the Spanish language or to help Spanish speaking children who are having a hard time with the English language.

They currently have two products in their product line-up. The first book is the Essential Spanish for the Speech-Language Pathologist Workbook. This 122 page book covers a plethora of important information that all Speech-Language Pathologists must have if they have Spanish speaking caseloads. The first section of the book contains common category nouns with illustrations and bilingual text to help give a quick start on learning English or Spanish through visual identification. The second book is the Essential Spanish for the Speech-Language Pathologist & Audiologist Dictionary, a 44 page quick reference book with the most important terms needed for your Spanish speaking caseloads. will be releasing their third publication, a bilingual coloring book activity guide, which will be aimed at the general public at large rather than targeting Speech-Language professionals. provides the tools for anyone who has a desire to get the head start on their journey into becoming bilingual.

Complete details of's revolutionary products and seminars can be found on the company's website at