"Triumph Over Cancer: A Natural Approach," the book written by Agi Lidle
"Triumph Over Cancer: A Natural Approach," written by Agi Lidle

My friend Agi Lidle is a two time cancer survivor. Although I would love to be able to say that she was made well by conventional western medicine, I cannot. What I can say is that she sought out holistic natural healing methods and is now cancer free! Here's how…

On Friday, July 11, 1997, after constant re-assurances by both her doctor and radiologist that the irregularity in her breast was most likely benign, Agi received the phone call that every woman dreads… the radiologist who performed Agi Lidle's biopsy said "Agi, I've got some bad news. Your biopsy shows a carcinoma breast cancer."

Agi scheduled an appointment with a breast surgeon immediately, as per her doctor's orders and was informed by the Breast Surgeon that it was recommended that Agi undergo radical mastectomy, removal of some lymph nodes and chemotherapy. This unsettling plan of attack was then followed by a prescription to see a plastic surgeon about breast reconstructive surgery.

Feeling the urgent need to do anything in her power to survive, and remembering a friend's recommendation about the health benefits of Red Clover Tea, Agi decided to make a stop by a local herb store. Once inside she was explaining her situation to the store clerk and asking about Red Clover Tea. A man in his 30s happened to have overheard the conversation and proclaimed to Agi, "You don't need surgery." He then proceeded to tell Agi about the natural alternatives to surgery as a means of ridding the body of cancer. Later that evening Agi and her husband Bill drove by the man's home and picked up a 300 page book filled with natural remedies, written by Dr. Richard Schulze. The book contained stories of individuals who were healed naturally from otherwise considered "Incurable Diseases." These remedies were part of a natural healing program that Dr. Schulze referred to as "The Incurables Program."

This is what I gather from Agi and other experts in this field: The body's immune system is the key to unlocking the mystery of these severe life threatening illnesses. Our immune system is all powerful, and capable of ridding the body of most ailments (including cancer) and restoring the balance of health and well being to the body.

Here's the problem: These days, the average person's immune system is like an overworked waiter, with two many tables to serve and too many orders to keep track of. In other words, with the pollutants, harmful substances, and outright poisons that most of us ingest on a regular basis, the body is so distracted doing damage control, that it can't be pro-active in keeping us in a state of optimum health and neutralizing the elements that cause our bodies to produce cancer in the first place.

Here's the solution: By cleansing the body of all toxins and pollutants that have been nesting in our systems for years, we are able to restore balance and purity back to our bodies and the immune system can actually, GASP…do its job!

Agi Lidle embarked on a program of body detoxification and cleansing to get all of the harmful toxins out of her body. She then went on to feed her body only organic, whole nutrient dense foods that actually fuel us instead of poisoning us.

Agi Lidle, Author of "Triumph Over Cancer: A Natural Approach"
Agi Lidle

Throughout this program Agi underwent 6 weeks of raw foods and juicing, eating 3 to 6 cloves of raw garlic a day (one of the most potent herbal healers known), cleansing of the organs, the blood and the lymphatic system, hydrotherapy, enemas, skin brushing, cardio exercise and deep breathing. In addition, she took a 10-15 minute sun bath everyday, walked barefoot in the grass everyday, used all natural soaps and deodorants, and said a daily prayer (for you this may be anything that feels spiritual or emotionally soothing).

In Agi Lidle's book "Triumph Over Cancer," Agi goes in-depth about her extensive research and the steps that I have listed in the paragraph above. She also lists healing foods versus foods that do not belong in the human diet and cause the body to malfunction. She shares fabulous vegetarian recipes that are packed with nutrition and her own personal experiences on her journey of getting well from Cancer on her own terms.

There seems to be a fundamental flaw in the way Western Medicine has been treating cancer. Here is why:

Chemotherapy is essentially a poison that is administered for the purpose of killing cells in the body, not just for killing cancer cells, but for killing cells. Period. This is done in the hopes that in addition to killing off healthy cells (life bearing cells), many of the cancer cells will be killed as well. If the answer to healing cancer lies in building up the immune system, the blood and the body's healthy cells to an optimum level for the purpose of fighting off disease, then how can a treatment that destroys the immune system, destroys healthy cells and diminishes the blood of vital properties, make you well? Does that seem logical?

I recently went to dinner with some friends, two of whom are Ivy League educated doctors at top hospitals. One of them said the following to me, "During my last year of Medical School, they just started introducing nutrition classes into our program, so I was able to take one before I graduated." This means that up until recently, nutrition and preventative medicine was simply not taught to medical students. Our doctors have been taught to treat symptoms and ease your pain with medicine (chemicals) and surgery (cutting you open). These actions are sometimes necessary, at least for now, but shouldn't a more holistic view of the human body be acknowledged?

The moral of this story:

Educate yourself on preventative health and proper nutrition. Adopt a healthy lifestyle that consists of proper rest, deep breathing and meditation, good nutrition, and regular exercise. If you are diagnosed with an illness, be your own advocate and do your own research! Figure out what is best for you and take control of your healing process with the assistance of your doctor. But don't put your doctor in the driver's seat. That is where you belong.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer or if you simply want Agi's incredible advice on cleansing the body for better health and vitality, then I highly recommend her book, "Triumph Over Cancer: A Natural Approach" by Agi Lidle.

Agi is now using her experience to help others, with her Internet Radio Network, Achieve Radio. In addition to producing all of the network's health and spirituality based radio programming, she hosts her own show called "Living Healthy with Agi." To learn more about Agi Lidle and for show times, go to:
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