Christopher Knight & Adrianne Curry of My Fair Brady
Christopher Knight & Adrianne Curry

Shortly after VH-1 announced the news that they were picking up a second season of their hit reality series, My Fair Brady, I had a sit down conversation with the controversial couple themselves: America's Next Top Model, Adrianne Curry and the love of her life, fiancée and Brady Bunch alumni, Christopher Knight. This is the rawest and most candid interview that either of them has done to date. Between Adrianne and Chris, they pretty much took over and interviewed each other, with me refereeing of course. His fame was created on The Brady Bunch and her fame was created on the first season of America's Next Top Model. He's 49 and a show business veteran. She's 24 and a larger-than-life newcomer. Their courtship began on VH-1's The Surreal Life and continued with My Fair Brady, which culminated in a tearful marriage proposal in the first season's final episode. Now these two are gearing up for the second season of My Fair Brady and the cameras will be there as this May/December couple plan their nuptials. (Allison Kugel): Congratulations on getting My Fair Brady picked up for another season.

Christopher Knight: Thank you. How exactly did that happen and when are you going to start filming?

Christopher Knight: It seems like we hit a chord. In retrospect, I guess that makes sense, because our show was essentially, The War of the Roses. It was about commitment and all things romantic, and everyone can relate. Chris, did you know when you did the first season of My Fair Brady with Adrianne, that the major theme was going to be about the fact that Adrianne really wanted to get engaged? Or did that kind of blindside you?

Adrianne Curry: Oh lord, not at all.

Christopher Knight: It didn't blindside us... It didn't blindside Adrianne, but did it blindside you (to Chris)?

Christopher Knight: The title is My Fair Brady and there's a reason for that. My concept, going in, was (he laughs as he attempts to explain) I'm going get slapped... Adrianne needed to be polished up; that she needs a little bit of Professor Higgins (referencing the film My Fair Lady) ...

Adrianne Curry: And my response was "fuck you."

Christopher Knight: She's so resistant to any of that! Is that what the producers had in mind?

Christopher Knight: Ultimately [the show] came down to her wanting a commitment and me wanting her to move out. Those are two completely opposite goals.

Christopher Knight: That's why it was so attractive to the producers.

Adrianne Curry: They almost stopped filming on the second day [of production] because they thought we were going to break up when he started bringing up, "Wouldn't it be great for the show if we had her move out?" You brought that up Chris, to the producers?

Christopher Knight: That's not exactly true. I brought it up before we even started production. And it wasn't unknown by Adrianne. Adrianne had moved in temporarily, to find her own place...

Adrianne Curry: Only he changed his mind 250 times about it. So it wasn't like, "Ok we're in a relationship. I want you to move in with me." It was more about her needing a place to stay because she was new in L.A.

Christopher Knight: We were seeing each other for a month when she moved in, and the only reason she moved in is because, how do we date if she's living in Chicago?

Adrianne Curry: Who convinced me to come out here?? I was going to move back to New York. Before we did The Surreal Life I was in Milan for awhile. Then I came back to The States and I decided to spend the holidays at home and that's when we did The Surreal Life. Then right afterwards we started dating and I figured, "Ok, time to get back into the groove. Go back to New York and start modeling..." But you didn't mind leaving him?

Adrienne Curry: I didn't think he was serious about me. I had seen The Surreal Life and I remember that you had a crush on him. I guess he had a crush on you...

Christopher Knight: No, I didn't. I didn't have a crush on her in the house. In the house it was that she had a crush and I sort of half way through relented.

Adrianne Curry: Relented?! You know what... Shut up! (To Chris)

Christopher Knight: I relented only because she was pursuing me so hard, and I kept thinking she was playing a game. At one point one of the producers said to me, "Well, perhaps she's not." I was absolutely certain that she was playing a game. And I just didn't know what the rules were and I didn't want to play. And then I thought, "Well if she's really [into me] then I'm looking like a jerk." (He laughs) I thought that, perhaps, I needed to take her at face value. This was a big stretch for me. She's wildly different then anybody that I've ever let myself get close to. Were you concerned about the age difference? I remember at some point you said to someone, "God, she's so young!" I thought that was the issue for you.

Christopher Knight: I was concerned on two different levels. I was concerned that she was so young and how do you plan a life together when there's that big a delta in your experiences? Secondly, was what the world would think? I'm not like Adrianne; I sort of carry around what the world's perceptions are. When you say "What the world thinks," do you mean "What my friends think, what my family thinks," or because you're in the public eye, do you literally mean "What the world thinks?"

Christopher Knight: No, not necessarily...

Adrianne Curry: Yes he does. Because that's a lot of weight to carry on your shoulders when you make a decision...

Christopher Knight: When you're "A Brady" and have never really fallen off the Brady truck, it's a little suffocating and it's a very tight box. You haven't even defined for yourself. The world has defined for you. One can easily assume that I'm a moral Christian or something, from just being on The Brady Bunch. That was a long time ago and that was just another job I did. By virtue of that show, and its feel and where it was broadcast and its projection of wholesome values, one would assume easily that I'm just like that. Though I'm not unlike that, it's not all of me. So I think for some people they're rather shocked that I could find any interest in Adrianne whatsoever. They're not the ones I'd be concerned with. It's just that anybody my age is going to look at somebody who is essentially the age of their children as being... "What is he doing??" is essentially what they're thinking. You had 25 years of life before Adrianne was even born. How does that come into play in your relationship? And Adrianne, what is that like for you? Does Chris ever reference things that completely go over your head, or how do you bridge that gap?

Adrienne Curry: I'm not going to say it goes over my head. The only thing I will say is, the only way for anybody to learn is to fuck up, themselves, and not listen to somebody else's experience because it never sinks in. The first time a child's told that a frying pan is scolding hot with bacon fat in it, it doesn't register until they stick their finger in it.

Christopher Knight: And this is precisely our problem. I don't want to have to live through the mistakes that she is wanting to have to make.

Adrianne Curry: Well that's how people do grow up and mature, is by going through the different trials and tribulations and wins and losses.

Christopher Knight: (to Adrianne) Adrianne, if that was truly the case, then we as a culture would have never advanced. Every generation advances beyond the previous...

Adrianne Curry: Silence! Shut up, shut-up! You've talked this whole time, shut up! (They break out laughing) Seriously, let me tell you something... there is nothing a 48 year old male child star can tell me that will have any significance or be compared to anything in a 23 year old female model's life. Thank you.

Christopher Knight: See it works very well. I might as well not say anything anyway, because she's not going to listen if I try to tell her.

Adrianne Curry: Yeah! (to Adrianne) Are you constantly rebelling against Chris? Because you guys are a couple, you're not parent and child...

Christopher Knight: Yeah, but she's always rebelling against me...

Adrianne Curry: (to Chris) Excuse me. You are my lover and my best friend. I do not think of you as a parent, therefore I will not fucking follow you around like a child would their parent.

Christopher Knight: We recognize there's a significant amount of counseling in our future. (We all laugh at the obvious) We really need a third party.

Adrianne Curry: We do. We have a nation of people that referee. Tell me what you two have in common?

Adrianne Curry: Well... I'm very happy that he's a democrat. (to Chris) Are you a democrat?

Adrianne Curry: For right now, he's a democrat.

Christopher Knight: I tend to listen to everybody, because I don't think you can just listen to that which makes you comfortable.

Adrianne Curry: We have that in common and we love to work out and eat well. He's told me before that if we go hiking and stuff I'm not scared to roll around in the mud and have a good time. I'm not a prima donna. We have a lot in common and most people would look at us and think there would be nothing. Actually, you seem pretty in sync.

Christopher Knight: I would say we don't have that much in common. It certainly can be important but it's not the end all, be all. We were watching a show the other night about this couple that has been married for 60 years and they agreed that they have nothing in common!

Adrianne Curry: It was very cute.

Christopher Knight: There's something about not having anything in common that... it's the ultimate expression of tolerance. She's constantly stretching me into thinking in new ways and trying to appreciate things I didn't ever appreciate or even want to. And the same for her... I noticed that she lights you up. Your eyes light up when you see her.

Christopher Knight: I've been married twice before and I have to say that if there's something in common between those two relationships is that you reach a level of complacency. Whether or not it's a death to the relationship is the ability to break out of that complacency. I know with Adrianne, it's impossible to remain complacent. What exactly happened with the first two marriages?

Adrianne Curry: They had everything in common!

Adrianne Curry & Christopher Knight of My Fair Brady
Adrianne Curry & Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight: They were both four year marriages. They ended, in my opinion, prematurely. It wasn't my desire to end the relationships. The first time [she] hadn't completed her development yet. She was a different person and wanted different things. The second one, she was a very domineering woman, a little narcissistic, in retrospect. They both ended surprisingly quickly and early.

Adrianne Curry: (to Chris) That's the most you've ever said in the press about your ex-wives. Let's talk some more about My Fair Brady and these reality shows. It appears as if you're just doing your thing and you don't notice the cameras, but how is it set up in your house? Where are the cameras? Where are the cameras not allowed? What's off limits, and are you allowed to tell the crew to leave if you're having a private moment? Tell me about that...

Adrianne Curry: They had cameras up on our ceiling to monitor where we were, and if we were doing anything interesting there was a camera crew constantly trailing our ass. It was absolutely the hardest thing I've ever done. I've been on two reality shows prior, but both of them had been with other players and attention wasn't constantly on me. In this situation, it was quite different. It was just him and me. At one point he left to go on a trip, where his friend wouldn't allow the cameras to follow him and left me here for 4 or 5 days to have to deal with cameras. It was very trying. Is there a crew or just surveillance cameras?

Christopher Knight: 30 people took over my downstairs bedroom and the garage. They took almost all my furniture out and painted every wall and changed everything about the house. They also removed everything that I own from my garage and my downstairs bedroom and turned both into a studio. There were about 20 to 30 people here in this house for three weeks. And a skeleton crew at night, because it would slow down after we went to bed. Some people slept at the house?

Adrianne Curry: They just live here. We don't know. We call them the people under the stairs.

Christopher Knight: There was always somebody here with a camera if there was something that broke out. That's their style of production (Mindless Entertainment). The same company that does The Surreal Life?

Christopher Knight: The same two executive producers, along with Ben Samek, that did The Surreal Life. They did our show, which was essentially a spin off in the same vein as Strange Love (the VH-1 reality show starring actress Brigitte Nielsen and rapper Flavor Flav). It's the place where we met, and the idea was spawned there. They are the producers [of My Fair Brady] as a result of that. Their style of production is very much like The Surreal Life.

Adrianne Curry: Madness!

Christopher Knight: You check in one day and then you check out the end date, and in between they've got you 24/7. They've got you under camera surveillance... 24/7 and in every room?

Christopher Knight: 24/7. The only place that there are no cameras allowed, are the bathroom and the closets.

Adrianne Curry: There are [no cameras] in our bedroom; none on the walls. We'd shut the door and tell them to get out. We're definitely not making a Paris Hilton sex tape.

Christopher Knight: The only difference between The Surreal Life and ours is that in our bedroom there weren't any surveillance cameras. On Surreal Life, there were surveillance cameras. But the rules were the same for Surreal Life as for My Fair Brady. Surveillance cameras are fed down to production where they're watching where we're at and where the action is at. If they need to send a camera crew in, they want to know what's going on. If I'm in one room and she's in another and one of us is doing something interesting, they can send a camera crew to wherever that action is. So they're watching to see where the drama is and then they'll bum rush you...

Adrianne Curry: Like the CIA...

Christopher Knight: And you can't escape in the bathroom because the bathroom doesn't have a surveillance camera but they know you're in there. This is the rule: one of you in there means the cameras can't be in there. But if there are two of you in there, don't expect a knock. The camera crew is coming in. There was one time you were both in the bedroom, in bed, and it looked like you were just waking up? There were several other instances in which they were in your bedroom as well.

Christopher Knight: The reason that they're in our bedroom is because of [Adrianne's] outlandishness and the sex that she sells just by being alive. If you took [Danny] Bonaduce's show (Breaking Bonaduce also on VH-1), there's none of that in his show. That's because there's no sex on his show. His wife won't have sex with him (on the show). Are the producers creating Adrianne's persona? Who's creating that?

Christopher Knight: Who's capturing it is the producers, but Adrianne creates it. That's why the bedroom is so important for [the producers of the show]. To be honest with you, it's not going to be as important in the next season. That's hopefully not what they need. Although Adrianne is very beautiful, she's a model, she loves being naked...all of that plays very well, it's very sexy. It places me in an interesting position. Chris, I know for a while you went into the business world in computers and you were really successful in business, completely separate from this chapter in your life. What then made you do The Surreal Life?

Christopher Knight: I was getting burnt out of [the business world]. I'm an adult sufferer of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) so I get bored easily... You didn't have ADD as a kid?

Christopher Knight: I got diagnosed as an adult. When you have it as an adult, you had it as a kid. There's no late onset ADD. How did it take that long to get diagnosed? Is it because you weren't in a traditional school setting as a kid?

Adrianne Curry: No, it's because some doctor wanted to make money on some pills and just pretended that he has ADD, which he does not. If anybody does, it's me. He's just an irritable butt hole.

Christopher Knight: She doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. Adrienne's got something that... nobody knows what it is! (to Adrianne) It's yet to be diagnosed. You're the first one to have it. They'll name it after you!

Christopher Knight: "Adrianneitis."

Adrienne Curry: I-enjoy-my-life syndrome, unlike everybody else who is scared of society and what they think.

Christopher Knight: Seriously, I've been taking medication since 1996 and it's an incredible world of difference. What do you think about this whole Tom Cruise thing and about Scientology? They're saying that there's no such thing as ADD and these medications are horrible...

Adrianne Curry: I think it's great, because these people make Chris and I look normal...

Christopher Knight: I think it's terribly irresponsible, but not unexpected from the Scientologists. I believe that they loose control of their base. I think it's easier for the Scientologists with their special brew of subtle manipulation and mind control to be supplying a lot of what ADD sufferers might need. If you look at Scientology and why they come after the entertainment business, you're dealing with a whole lot of independent thinking people who are capable of thinking out there...they're looking for something. They are people who, to come to the west coast, have broken from family. They're alone, in a very lonely environment that is highly competitive, and all of a sudden you belong to this church who essentially gives you your foundation. Gives you your substance, gives you your spine. God forbid you should take a drug and figure out that you don't really need them controlling your life, they'd loose a little bit of their base. I just think it's incredibly impossible for somebody like Tom Cruise to have any idea what he's talking about. The fact is, I didn't want to have to believe that I was suffering from something. I finally surrendered to the concept. If you were to ask me at 19 or 20 if I'd be taking a drug in my thirties, for the rest of my life, I'd have called me weak. As an adult you start realizing that there are just certain things that you have to surrender to, because [the drugs] are making up for a deficiency.

Adrianne Curry: I think Tom Cruise can really benefit from going to a doctor from what I've seen in this last year.

Christopher Knight: He might have ADD. (We laugh) No, it's funny because I'm a dyslexic as well, and I know Tom is, and they go hand in hand. Tom Cruise claims that The Church of Scientology cured his dyslexia.

Christopher Knight: He learned coping methods. I learned so many coping methods growing up. All of a sudden all of these different coping things are the things that are bogging me down, and what it leaves you with is a sense of depression, because you're overwhelmed at all times. You're fighting against the tide all the time.

Christopher Knight: You're swimming in a current that's against you, never with the current. I certainly don't think of Tom Cruise and John Travolta as stupid people. But I don't understand how anybody who is two notches above idiot can really buy in [to Scientology] as deeply as they have. I have to ask you both about Florence Henderson (played Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch). On one of the episodes in the first season of My Fair Brady, Florence Henderson paid you guys a visit and she was evaluating your relationship. She counseled you privately Chris, about Adrianne. Was that set up by the producers?

Christopher Knight: Florence is a friend of mine. My mom did pass away last November and never had a chance to meet Adrianne. In a strange way, Florence has been sort of a mother figure, and a person that I've always looked up to, mostly in the context of the [Entertainment] Industry itself. As a matter of fact, in doing The Surreal Life, I called Florence and asked if it was one of those things I should do. I tap into her to get a sense. She's a parental figure in my life...

Adrianne Curry: Well it's not like they talk every single day. Was it for real, or was it a staged kind of a thing?

Christopher Knight: That was a little bit press. She'd never been to my house before. I'd been to hers. It was a bit of a stretch for her to be here, but she said a lot of wise things and her thought process is not too different then mine. There's a lot less age difference between Florence [Henderson] and myself then there is between me and Adrianne. I was understanding Florence. Unfortunately, Adrianne took giant offense to it. It made for great television but...

Adrianne Curry: (to Chris): She was telling you to kick me to the curb! I'm not supposed to take offense?

Christopher Knight: Unfortunately Adrianne has very little interest in being in Florence's company after that episode. Did Adrianne find out by watching the footage, because you and Florence were speaking in private, no?

Adrianne Curry: Through the footage. Because [Florence Henderson] did not say anything like that in front of me. I am a firm believer that whatever you are thinking, you don't hide, and you don't say it behind somebody's back. You say it right in front of them. I would have had the utmost respect for her if she would have said it right in front of me, because although it would have upset me, it would be very much like me. If something's on my mind, I'll say it.

Christopher Knight: And unfortunately as a result, this is my world being polarized. [Florence Henderson] doesn't want to have anything to do with Adrianne and has lost respect for me. This incident put a rift between you and Florence Henderson?

Christopher Knight: Yeah. She is not respectful of my choice.

Adrienne Curry: But I say, ten years from now what are they going say when we're still happily together? I am not dissing Florence. I think she's beautiful. I think she's smart. But I also don't think that because of somebody's bad opinion about me that I need to run around kissing their ass just because they're my elder.

Christopher Knight: And this would be the problem, because Florence comes from an old school where younger people pay homage to older people.

Adrianne Curry: Well I was born in 1982 and things are different now. And Chris, you don't have kids right?

Christopher Knight: No. Are you going to have kids?

Adrianne Curry: In the future. Maybe when I'm around 30.

Christopher Knight: When I'm 65.

Adrianne Curry: He'll be fine. (They laugh) Adrianne, when you won America's Next Top Model, you were supposed to get a deal with Revlon and then they didn't honor the deal?

Adrianne Curry: We were told throughout the taping of the show that the winner would have a huge cosmetics deal with Revlon. Billboards, magazines and all that wonderful fun stuff. What ended up happening was, I found out later on when I was waiting around for this deal that never showed up... I was told that it was just convention work. There had been a deal already arranged before they even picked out the contestants of the show that it would not be a big contract, but that it would just be this thing. They weren't even sure if the show would make it on the air, let alone be a smash success and then into this cult phenomenon. To be in season one [of America's Next Top Model] was fabulous because we were the first, but it was also a great learning experience. You were the first, and you can't replace the first.

Adrianne Curry: I learned from it and I'm very proud to say that I'm becoming quite successful in what I want to do. None of it was from the help of that show. The show did get my foot in the door, but it didn't work out the way that I thought it would. We were told something quite different than what happened and it's just a learning process. Did Tyra Banks and Janice Dickinson really coach you throughout the competition? Was Tyra cool with you or was she kind of distant?

Adrianne Curry: The advantage that the first season did have was that Tyra was with us every single day, unlike other seasons where they separated her and she's mostly just a judge. She was in our house all the time. Friendships developed and you'd go in the judging room and hope that certain people voted for you... Janice [Dickinson] is absolutely insane, and we all know that. And she was nothing but that during the show. I actually met her and I thought she was pretty cool.

Adrianne Curry: Well you got her on a good day. She's cool but she's absolutely mad! And Tyra... she's a very business savvy woman. She's all business; very smart in that area.

Christopher Knight & Adrianne Curry of My Fair Brady
Christopher Knight & Adrianne Curry Chris, you had said in a previous interview that the Brady Bunch fame makes you uncomfortable at times. You've said that you find it weird that people feel that they know you. What made you decide to now do The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady?

Christopher Knight: I think it's because of that. I went through my couple of years of being anti-Brady. That's sort of where Eve [Plumb] (who played Jan Brady) is and Maureen [McCormick] (who played Marcia Brady) has been at times. It is kind of tough. We all strive for successes in this industry and then once we have them, it's ironic that you wish that you didn't have it. You've got to be careful what you wish for. It was children's entertainment and now it's become this cultural phenomenon. You didn't even know what you were in for. Your parents brought you in there to audition ...

Christopher Knight: You have no idea, and at the time, it was never as successful when we were doing it as it is now. It's now successful simply because of its longevity... and the fact that it still resonates with a certain population of kids. And/or it had such an effect because of the time in one's life that one watched it, that everybody seems to have as this common touchstone. The fact is, [The Brady Bunch] is shown all over the world. We got paid virtually nothing for it, but everybody recognizes me from it. There is a great deal of pride that can come from that. You can't buy a cup of coffee with it but... Do you guys get royalties? Do you get anything from SAG (Screen Actors Guild)?

Adrianne Curry: (to Chris) Tell her baby...

Christopher Knight: We were under whatever it was at the time, which was 10 runs (getting paid for the first 10 re-runs of each episode). That's the contract we were under. There's a lot of people, because of its familiarity, people feel really comfortable with you because of this thing you did [that they watched] when they were a kid. They feel like they know you, like they went to school with you. But you've said that you're an introvert and you don't know what to do with the notoriety. How do you get to the point where you're at now? Are you trying to re-establish yourself as the person you are now to allow everybody to know you as an adult?

Christopher Knight: People still think I'm 14 years old and I'm not. And I'm not Peter Brady, although Peter was a part of me. I am a new person. If I'm going to be recognized for the rest of my life anyway, I might as well benefit by jumping in... So, you're saying, "This is who I am now. Let me start a new chapter."

Christopher Knight: The Brady Bunch was apparently a very positive and comfortable experience for an audience of ours in America. It is not at all positive inside the Entertainment Industry. It is not a calling card that one needs, to try to get work. It's an impediment. Because to them, you're Peter Brady, and that's the end of the story...

Christopher Knight: At least it had been [that way] up until recently. Maybe that's because there seems to be a whole review of things old; nostalgia. I wanted to come back down to L.A. and I thought, "Let's just see if there is any light." This is a whole new industry...completely different and yet, completely the same. Somehow those two are reconcilable. Then The Surreal Life comes around, and I said no to it at first. They came back around and asked me again and this time I thought I'd actually watch the show. I met with [producers] Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego. They said, "Listen, we're not trying to jack anybody. We're not going to cover for you...we're just going to show you for who you are, and if you have something to hide, perhaps you don't want to do the show. Did they show you for who you are?

Christopher Knight: Yeah, essentially. Actually, according to Adrianne, they showed me in a really good light. I think if you add it altogether, they have been very kind to me. They could have showed me more harshly. The sum total isn't too far from what you get, but let's just say I had some bad days that they chose to not use parts from.

Adrianne Curry: They were very, very kind to Chris! How can you not be? Listen to him. He's extremely intelligent.

Christopher Knight: Except for Verne [Troyer] (Mini Me from Austin Powers) getting drunk and falling down. I spun him around. (He notes, breaking up) I threw him around. I mean I was feeling really responsible [afterwards].

Adrianne Curry: Yeah, but they painted Chris as this saint who took care of him all night, which I thought was really funny. What's really cool is that now people are getting to know you as Christopher Knight, and not as Peter Brady.

Christopher Knight: That's the whole benefit. I get to break out of the Brady box. I get to recalibrate people as to who I am... I'm now seeing your actual name all over the press, instead of that character...

Christopher Knight: Yeah, I'm not just a Brady. I am now me. It's been a unique and very positive experience to now find myself being appreciated by an industry that had lost touch with me. Now the people in power are totally different from the people who were in power 20 years ago, [and these new people] grew up with me.

Adrianne Curry: What a sad, sad day on earth if we had not re-discovered Christopher Knight, because he was this scrawny dweeby little boy, and he's one hell of a hot chunk of man now! Yeah, you're looking good Chris!

Adrianne Curry: He's looking real good!

Christopher Knight: Thank you. Are you filming the second season of My Fair Brady now?

Adrianne Curry: We are in a little break until the beginning of next year (2006). So the second season was announced and you start filming after the holidays?

Adrianne Curry: Yeah.

Christopher Knight: We had to do a couple of days in front of the camera to lock in our wedding day, which essentially locks in our time frame. The preparing has begun. Are you planning something conventional, or wacky and unconventional, for the wedding?

Christopher Knight: Whatever Adrianne wants.

Adrianne Curry: As traditional as I can get it to appease the Catholics in my family. And I hate to say it, but that's what I've been brainwashed with. I attended Catholic Church until I was 15 years old, every single Wednesday and Sunday. You don't seem like you have that Catholic guilt, I have to be honest with you.

Adrianne Curry: When it hits me, it hits me hard. Doesn't it Chris?

Christopher Knight: Yes, (mocking Adrianne) "I'm not living with you because it's against my Catholic religion." How convenient. :)

Adrianne Curry: Shut Up!!! I am a recovering Catholic. I am completely appalled by the way they handle things these days. The Pope won't tell people to use contraceptives, but we have an AIDS epidemic. So you have a brain. You can think past that. But Chris has a good point. You rebel on every conceivable level, but you wouldn't live with someone without becoming engaged?

Christopher Knight: Just smart enough. (We laugh)

Adrianne Curry: I had only one boyfriend before him. I did not sleep around, regardless of what people may think about me. Just because I like to run around with my clothes off, doesn't mean anybody can touch me. I've always been really guarded in that sense. My body is a golden temple, and only one man should hold the key. Basically what happened was, that me living in sin with Chris was just the cherry on top of my shitty behavior [ice cream] sundae. For my family it was like, "Ok, she's run around naked since she was six years old, but we can forgive that because she does honor other things." Then finally they weren't happy with me. When does the second season of My Fair Brady begin airing?

Christopher Knight: In May. And by the way, Adrianne has agreed that if there is a Season 3 of My Fair Brady, she'll go to finishing school. Ok, you guys have been great. So the first season of My Fair Brady is airing now on VH-1 (in its second run) and the second season will begin airing in May 2006.

Christopher Knight: I think May 28th is the premiere date. Good luck with the show. I'll be watching.

Christopher Knight: Thanks. Ok, take care guys.

Adrianne Curry & Christopher Knight: Bye.