Mount Carmel Youth Ranch


  • Wyoming Parents Of The Year


    The Founders of Mount Carmel Youth Ranch, Jerry and Mickey Schneider were awarded "Parents of the Year" award in 2002, as well as the distinguished service award from "Who’s Who in America". They were recently awarded the “Fidelity Award” from Catholic Central in Michigan for the unwavering dedication to the Christian/Catholic principles of education of this distinguished private school.

  • Family Of The Year Award From the Knights Of Columbus


    Thomas and Susan George and their 9 children were chosen by the Florida Council of The Knights Of Columbus as the "Family of The Year" For their outstanding fidelity to the Teachings of the Catholic Church and for their openness to life witnessed in the size of their family and the love and Joy they witness to others.

  • Distinguished Service Award from "Who’s Who in America


    Jerry and Mickey Schneider were awarded the Distinguised Service Award from Who's Who in America for their unwavering dedication to helping America's youth to reach their fullest potential. They are the parents of 6 adult children, who have continued their legacy in helping troubled youth get their lives on the right track.

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