• Readers' Favorite 5 Star Award

    Readers' Favorite 5 Star Award


    Jonathan Nolan covers every aspect of tabletop roleplaying games using Open Game Content in this informational guidebook for gamemasters and players. FASERIPopedia is a gem of a guide for RPG lovers. Nolan's meticulous approach to the content means that even players new to RPG games can feel confident enough to start their games after going through it. Each part of the game is explored in detail with graphs and stats about characters' abilities, power levels, combat skills, etc. Experienced players will find everything they are looking for, but this is a book that people will find helpful even if they have never played RPG games; this is because Nolan's accessible writing style and structural organization make the content easy to grasp for everyone. All in all, a must-read for RPG gamers.

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