Clients & Brands

  • Blazer Industries Inc. logo

    Blazer Industries Inc., based in Aumsville, Ore., is the largest producer of commercial modular space in the northwestern United States.

  • California Custom Fruits & Flavors logo

    California Custom Fruits & Flavors, Inc. (CCFF) is a worldwide supplier of customized fruit and flavor ingredients. As their name suggests, CCFF designs and manufactures custom fruit and flavors for the dairy, bakery, beverage and food service industries. They distribute their products to customers throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and Central America.

  • Taiyo America Inc. logo

    Taiyo America, Inc. manufactures solder mask coatings and specialty products for printed circuit board fabrication. The company’s offerings include dielectric and conductive ink products for producing solar cells, and inks that are applied with inkjet technology for traditional legend and print electronics applications.