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  • I had did a lot of calling around before heading downtown to visit San Diego Jewelry Buyers to talk about an old art deco necklace that I wanted to sell. I have to say talking with them was a breath of fresh air. Rather than just talking about stones and gold weight, they went right into talking about the small company that made the piece, the design, and where they thought they could find a good buyer. I first got a loan on my jewelry, and eventually sold it at price at least 20% higher than other offers. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

    San Diego Jewelry Buyers: San Diego Review #1

    - Sara Miles, Sell Gold Jewelry
  • It really is confusing today with so many people offering to buy your gold, jewelry, and stuff. The thing I liked best about San Diego Jewelry Buyers is how willing they were to talk to me. They were so open and friendly. I learned a lot from them about jewelry, even though the gold piece I had to sell wasn’t too expensive. They never pressured me to sell. In fact they encouraged me not to sell because I was too sentimental about my bracelet. Instead they gave me a small loan. That got me out of the jam I was in, and soon I was able to buy my bracelet back. Thanks guys.

    San Diego Gold Pawnbrokers - San Diego Review #2

    - Brittany Wilson, Jewelry Cash Loan
  • Let me just confirm the fact that San Diego Jewelry Buyers knows their business. And that includes identifying brilliant timepieces. I recently found it necessary to part with my Dayton Rolex 6264. My chronograph was exquisite and possessed the rare "Paul Newman" dial. The first people I took it to couldn't even identify the dial, mistaking it for the regular Daytona dial. But SDJB immediately knew what to look for, and had the substantial cash on hand to give me the price I needed. True professionals.

    San Diego Rolex Buyers - San Diego Review #3

    - John Brezak, Selling A Rolex
  • My experience with SDJB was very pleasant and educational. I have a diamond ring that I have not worn in years. I decided to research Jewelry Buyers to sell the ring since I do not wear it anymore. After doing a thorough research on the internet, I found SDJB. I called and made an appointment with Carl to sell the ring.

    I was running late for my appointment and Carl was kind enough to wait for me. Upon arriving at the shop, I immediately felt comfortable meeting with Carl and discussing options of my ring. Carl took the time to provide me helpful information not only on the ring but also the state of the industry today. Because Carl provided much useful information and options, I did not feel pressured to sell the ring. I mentioned the ring was sentimental to me and he suggested keeping the ring and handing it down to my son or selling the ring to him when I was ready to part with it.

    At the end of our meeting, I decided to keep the ring (for now) and as an added service, Carl offered to clean and repair my ring. I will definitely take Carl up on his offer and look forward to doing more business with him in the future. If you are looking for an honest experience and gain knowledge about your jewelry, I highly recommend you visit San Diego Jewelry Buyers.

    San Diego Ring Buyers - San Diego Review #4

    - Jackie ###, Selling A Diamond Ring
  • I just recently did business with SDJB and I am very impressed with the knowledge and expertise along side the professionalism. I have never dealt with a Jewelry Buyer before and was a little nervous and hesitant as to what I was going to be faced with ( sort of like buying a car and dealing with the car salesman ).

    My experience was comfortable, stress-free and I felt very confident with my choice in who I was going to conduct business with. I recommend anyone that is interested in selling their jewelry to visit SDJB located in downtown San Diego. I can assure you the experience will be positive and you will be treated fairly. Best wishes to SDJB, I will surely pass on your business to my friends!!

    San Diego Jewelry Buyers - San Diego Review #5

    - Lisa ###, Selling Your Jewelry
  • Excellent, knowledgable, helpful... and most points for being very entertaining. Carl was very personable, friendly, and also bought my jewelry for the highest rates. What he wasn't able to provide me offers on, he gave me solid and helpful advice and tried to refer me to others who could help me out. Thank you again~ !!

    San Diego Fine Jewelry Buyers - San Diego Review #6

    - Via Yahoo Reviews #, Sell Jewelry
  • Recently I had the pleasure of doing business with San Diego Jewelry Buyers and I must say that it's the best experience I have ever had! They really took the time to examine the items I had and got to know me as a customer as well. They provided me with a nice amount of money for the things I wanted to sell and it's top dollar compared to many other places in San Diego. Carl Blackburn and his partner are very knowledgeable, kind, honest, and awesome to do business with.

    San Diego Jewelry Buyers - San Diego Review #7

    - Via Yahoo Reviews #, Sell Fine Jewelry
  • I had called around to different jewelry buyers to get information on selling my old gold jewelry. I picked SD Jewelry Buyers because Carl was so nice and informative on the phone. My sister and I thought the whole experience was exciting and fun. Carl was very knowledgable, took his time, showed us everything and explained everything he was doing. He tested the jewelry in front of us and was very thorough. He paid me cash for all the jewelry. I was very happy.I have and will recommand SD Jewelry Buyers to everyone I can. Thanks Carl. You rock.

    San Diego Gold Buyers - San Diego Review #8

    - Michelle & Kat, Sell Your Gold Jewelry
  • A Very Honest Buyer and a Very Pleasant Experience. I appreciated the time and attention I was given and the fact that the Gold will be re-sold in San Diego. It's Going Green for Gold in San Diego, Awesome! This is my ONLY source for selling jewelry from now on, Thank You.

    San Diego Green Gold - San Diego Review # 9

    - Via Yahoo Reviews #, Recycle Gold
  • Carl bought some old junk gold jewelry from me and I found some new jewelry for my wife for x-mas! He offered me a fair price for my scrap and took care of me on an eternity band just in time for the holiday. Now I look like a hero, and still have cash in my pocket from the deal! Thanks Carl!

    San Diego Scrap Gold Buyers - San Diego Review #10

    - Timothy M., Sell Your Gold
  • I recently visited SDJB and my experience was very pleasant. I especially liked Carl’s calm mannerism. He took his time and did not rush, which made me feel very comfortable. He seemed knowledgeable and honest. Throughout of his evaluation he explained the process very clearly and answered every question with honesty. Even when he did not know the answer to one of my question he brought in his partner, who was an expert. The entire time I was there I did not feel any pressure. I Will recommend SDJB to all my friends.

    San Diego Diamond Jewelry Buyers - San Diego Review #11

    - Maryam ###, Sell Jewelry
  • I went to the Jewelry Exchange building on 6th St to get cash for some gold items and repair on a ring in which one gemstone had fallen out. I didn't know any of the dealers and stumbled into the first suite there San Diego Jewelry Buyers. Carl Blackburn, the co-owner welcomed me in and offered me a good price for the gold. He was very professional and pleasant and made me feel comfortable. He referred me and accompanied me to one of the other offices that supplied the missing stone and another where a craftsman jeweler would set the stone. I was in and out having solved both problems in less than an hour. I was very happy and would highly recommend Carl Blackburn from SDJB.

    San Diego Gold Buyers - San Diego Review #12

    - Via Google Reviews #, Sell Gold
  • Spent the better part of a month looking for that perfect ring, and really hadn't found a dealer who I felt was being honest with me, and not giving me the typical jewlery store run around. SDJB was recommended to me by a friend, so I called him up to come take a look at what he had, even though he's mostly a buyer. He really went the extra mile, and spent a LOT of time with me, understanding what sort of stone I was looking for, and helped me pick the exact ring I was searching for. My wife LOVES IT. It's stunning. I would recommend them on all levels. Straight forward, honest, easy to work with... not a single bad thing to say!

    San Diego Wholesale Jewelry - Review #13

    - Via Google Reviews #, Buy Wholesale Rings
  • Fast, friendly and professional. I met with several other jewelry buyers first and will never make that mistake again. Carl will be getting my business from now on. San Diego Jewelry Buyers gave me the best price and the best experience. I HIGHLY recommend them.

    San Diego Jewelry Buyers - San Diego Review #14

    - Tanya B, Sell Jewelry
  • Very friendly, personable, and quick! I didn't know what to expect when I walked into SDJB, but I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't get a creepy pawn shop feeling, and I feel like I got a great price for my bangle. The location was great because their was a parking lot across the street. I look forward in doing business with them in the future.

    San Diego Jewelry Buyers - San Diego Review #15

    - Tanya T, Sell Gold Bangle
  • After a few stops at some local Pawn Shops, I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach, which we all get, that something was wrong! There was one pawn shop in particular that was definitely trying to pull one over on me!

    My STORY: I came to San Diego Jewelry Buyers with small yellow folders which had been given to me by the above pawn shop owner. These small folders contained the gold I was trying to sell. Each folder had been marked with the karat of gold contained within. Carl took the folders and began opening them one by one placing them in small piles. Visually piece by piece he inspected the jewelry and to both mine and Carl's disbelief most of the pieces were not what the pawn shop said they were. The folders that supposedly contained 10kt were actually 14kt!! Can you believe that? Always go with your gut feeling! It paid off for me! :-)

    Carl Blackburn with San Diego Jewelry Buyers is very knowledgeable, kind and honest. It was a pleasure to have met him and I highly recommend stopping by to see him when you are looking to sell or buy jewelry!

    Thank you Carl!

    San Diego Gold Buyers - San Diego Review #16

    - Via Yahoo Reviews, Sell Your Gold
  • After spending much time looking for information on where to sell my gold on the web, I found most of the material to be confusing and misleading. Visiting various retailers wasn't that much more helpful as most of them were very secretive about how they were valuing my gold.

    I received a quote of $370 at Fashion Valley, where they did a test to show that what I thought was 24K gold is actually 18K. When I told them the price seemed low (even at 18K) they just said that there is a processing fee (it turns out that's another word for profit) and they can't explain how they quote gold, since that is proprietary. It doesn't take a genius to realize that if the price per ounce of gold is $950 and that you have an oz of pure gold (after accounting for 18K not being pure), that $370 is close to a 200% profit margin. A jeweler by UTC said it was 22K and offered $590 and Carl who buys and sells gold all the time told me it is actually 24K and paid $980.

    Carl was very honest and upfront about how he valued the gold. In fact he is the only one I met who actually allowed me to double check his calculations. I strongly recommend trying this so you can see how much of a profit margin you are giving to other jewelers.

    Once you have the weight in grams of your gold you can convert it to troy ounces (1 troy ounce = 31.1g) to see how much it is worth using today's gold prices which are always reported in troy ounces. Pure gold 24K is 99.9%. Anything lower than 24K is simply a fraction so 18K is 18K/24K=75% gold.

    Carl's 15% commission is easily calculated and is very fair. You will also find that other places (as I found) actually charge as much as 100% to 300% commission. Don't get robbed, get an estimate from Carl and ask him to explain the process. If you have any doubts Carl's store is at the Jewelery Exchange where there are like 20 other jewelers buying and selling gold. It is easy enough to go and get a few competing quotes.

    I have not found anyone who is more easy to deal with and who explained the process and the various things to look out for.

    For example, Carl is the first person to alert me to the refinery scam, where most refineries aren't really refineries. It turns out that for pure gold a refinery isn't even needed as most jewelers can work with pure gold. He also told me that when gold is not properly stamped many places will tell you it's of a lower quality than it is. I saw this first hand. Be careful of some of the tests, for they may not be accurate (especially for 24K) or they can be doctored. If it looks and feels like 24K get additional opinions and validation before you believe it isn't. Most tests will only measure up to 22K and if they don't even have the 22K solution, then you know they will tell you it is something less.

    I would highly recommend getting a quote from Carl, before selling your gold.

    San Diego Gold Buyers - San Diego Reviews # 17

    - Han ###, Selling Gold Fairly
  • A Very Honest Buyer and a Very Pleasant Experience. I appreciated the time and attention I was given and the fact that the Gold will be re-sold in San Diego. It's Going Green for Gold in San Diego, Awesome! This is my ONLY source for selling jewelry from now on, Thank You.

    San Diego Gold Jewelry Buyers - San Diego Review #18

    - Aaron ###, Recycling Your Gold
  • I had done quite a bit of research as well on trying to find a jewelry buyer that would offer me top dollar for the items I was looking to sell. I went to a few places beforehand, and found that all of them went from either incredibly snobby, incredibly “creepy”, or didn’t exactly show much interest in connecting and making the customer feel comfortable. Carl was one of the most amicable men I have ever met in my entire life. He is extremely professional, yet makes you feel like one of his personal friends. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with him, and I would return in a heartbeat. He is the man to go to if you want the best offers on your jewelry.

    San Diego Jewelry Seller - San Diego Review #18

    - Alicia ###, Sell Jewelry