Atlanta Wildlife Solutions, LLC

Atlanta Wildlife Solutions, LLC

Client Testimonials

  • Atlanta Wildlife Solutions were THE solution to the problem with rodents in the attic. Chad definitely knew his business, and he treated our problem with both professionalism and dedication to making sure our problem was resolved as quickly and as safely as possible.. I would definitely recommend his service highly.

    Ann Hardwick

    - Ann Hardwick
  • "Atlanta Wildlife Solutions handled the removal of roof rats in my attic quickly and effectively. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate using them again."

    Jim Henderson

    - Jim Henderson, Alpharetta
  • A raccoon and her babies recently decided that my attic was the perfect home. I called Atlanta Wildlife Solutions and they got the raccoons out of the attic and repaired the damage the animals had done. They responded quickly (the same day I called!), were very professional and their pricing was reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend Atlanta Wildlife Solutions to anyone with a similar problem.

    Bob Gatton

    - Bob Gatton