The newspaper was a daily circular which mainly relied on revenues from the adverts placed. The newspaper wanted to increase its circulation while maintaining a strong grip on its operational budgets. The main worry was the costs involved in weekly newspaper design and the nature of the speculative ads.
The newspaper would just need to send the story line up for each page, and Design Back Office team would lay out the pages, cut the copy to size, align the style, give headlines and tags, design and place the ads, and deliver the final ready-to-print newspaper. All the management burdens involved with newspaper and ad design would be taken care of.
The newspaper followed a hassle free procedure and became Design Back Office partners within hours. They were able to leverage their designing costs and achieve faster turn-around, increased spec volume, higher creative capacity and lower costs along with a 24/7 support system.
With effective cost efficiency and increased profit margins, the newspaper is now looking to expand its business online with the help of Design Back Office.