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DEACOM Order Processing

The DEACOM accounting and ERP software system provides flexible order entry to help control the details of complex manufacturers:

- Sales order entry links directly to engineering software, such as MiTek, Truswal, Alpine, Robbins, Keymark, and many others
- Imported engineered items have a bill of materials to drive inventory management and job costing
- Input orders directly at the plant or through the integrated POS system
- Orders instantly appear as demand in inventory and MRP reporting
- Automatically generate backorders as required
- Configurable order entry handles unique requirements without customization
- Generate multiple order report formats, such as pick tickets, packing lists, bills of lading, invoices, and others
- Group together like items for convenient order entry
- Group sales orders as projects to determine overall profitability and revenue
- E-mail or fax order confirmations