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Flexi-Frame Design Series

The Flexi-Frame Design Series emphasizes the versatility of how VIDACASA’s iThermo™ Technology can be seamlessly incorporated with a restaurant’s existing dinnerware.

The notable difference between the Single-Portion Design Series and the Flexi-Frame Design is the flat top of the Flexi-Frame Design Series. This gives the Flexi-Frame Design Series the ability to be compatible with almost any type of plate, without affecting the aesthetics of a venue’s atmosphere.

The ability to use existing dinnerware while adding the luxury of the wireless hot and cold abilities of VIDACASA is the niche of the Flexi-Frame Design Series. This flexibility allows for savings on overhead costs normally reserved for traditional methods of ice or sternos to keep food hot or cold.

Flexi-Frame Design Series offers the flexibility of being compatible with any type of plate, plus the ability to either heat or cool food wirelessly saving time, money, and most importantly, preserving freshness.