Children Uniting Nations

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Last year, many celebrities such as: Pierce Brosnan, Jane Seymour, Marla Gibbs, Paul Rodriguez, Ed Begley Jr., Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Victoria Rowell, Illeana Douglas, Marcia Cross, along with many of our communities leaders, including the First Lady of California: Sharon Davis, joined us in making many children's dreams and opportunities come true.
Homeless and foster children move around frequently. Rarely do they have possessions of their own. Most homeless and foster children (even those in the Los Angeles area) have never seen the ocean. This year, in celebration of the International Day of the Child, we are asking people everywhere to help us mentor as many children as possible for a day at the Santa Monica Pier that will never be forgotten.

We are inviting families and individuals to 'mentor a foster child or homeless child for a day of fun, performances, games, yummy food, face painting, and arts & crafts. A day like 'The Day of the Child' can give a child a ray of hope that somebody cares. You can help by realizing the need to mentor these children, who otherwise may lose all hope and end up viewing our society as the enemy. This ultimately leads to a life of crime. Latest statistics show that over 75% of all inmates in prisons nation-wide come from the foster care system. It sometimes only takes one person to change a child's life. By giving a foster child, or a homeless child, this special day you create a spark of hope. This is your opportunity to give so much for so little.