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Air Covering Yarn Machine
We developed this machine according to the newest request of the current air-wrapped yarn,on the basis of reference to foteign sample machines,combined the features of Chinese textile industry.It is adopted the computer controlling separating the spindles and widely applied to air wrapping of spabdex and nylon above 20D.The node of formed air-wrapped yarn is beautiful and pitch is uniform. The combining strength is can meet the needs of all users.

Technical parameter

Number of Spindles:40,4spindles every group

Control Mode:computer control

Broken Line Stop Mode:automic

Initiate Mode:independent

Linear velocity:³350-400m/min

Twisting measument:2-3

Working pressure:0.2-0.45 mega-pascal

Draft times:3-4times

Size: L2200×W985×H1940mm

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