• Industries Serviced

    • Aerospace

      Aerospace industry receives our clients studies on the industry.

    • Apparel and Fashion

      California Fashion Assn.
      Stevie Wonder STITCHES Technology
      LIP-INK® International

    • Appliances

      SafeMedia Corp., Network Appliance technology that prevents
      Internet Piracy and illegal downloading of copyright materials.

    • Automotive

      Wicked Choppers, Myrtle Beach, SC High end custom built

    • Business Services and Office Products

      MAYO office exclusive and one of a kind communications tool such as the "Employee Grapevine", which is great for mergers and downsizing. Also, the Business Beat News Tip Sheet™ for the media.

    • Consumer Services

      D&L Toy Manufacturer "Stomp Rocket"
      LIP-INK® International
      Safemedia.com (security Online)
      Sun Born Natural Products - Herbal Chi Balm

    • Cosmetics, Perfumes, and Toiletries

      Dorothy Dandridge Perfume (coming in 2005)
      Sun Born Natural Products, Inc.
      Herbal Chi Balm

    • Education

      Wal-Mart Education Campaign on economic impact
      study on 40 Superstores locating in California.
      Media Education Campaigns (PRSA awards)

    • Entertainment and Culture

      Entertainment Industry Business Council Board member
      Entertainment Publicists Professional Society past president and Board member
      Public Relations Society of America past board member.

    • Government

      Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles

    • Public Utilities

      The Gas Company Energy Expo, two years in a row at the Energy Resource Center in Downey, Ca.

    • Real Estate

      California Real Estate Assn.

    • Technology

      www.SafeMedia.com technolgy to stop piracy Online.
      hosting company www.PowWeb.com

    • Apparel and Fashion: Jewelry & Accessories

      Actress Marina Anderson with her Flying Goddess jewelry.

    • Entertainment and Culture: Motion Pictures

      MAYO represents several production houses and movie companies such as MAXfilms, Inc, Swirl Films, and H20) Productions.
      WWII Reflections
      Swirl Films
      Wyatt Fyilms
      Silver Rust Productions
      La Femme Film Festivatal

      George McQuade is a professional trained national photographer, Videographer and shoots motion pictures. Also a trained U.S. Navy Photographer.

    • Food and Beverage: Pet Food

      Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL), a nonprofit that comforts and aids homeless animals

    • Government: Military and Defense

      Counterterroism Expert Elsa Lee
      Advantage SCI

    • Healthcare: Hospitals and Medical Services

      MAYO conducted a major media campaign on a first ever study of the economic impact of the Hospital Assn. of SoCal.

    • Technology: .Com Business

      www.SafeMedia.com, technology to stop illegal downloading of music, movies and copyrighted materials.

  • Public Relations Practice Areas

    • Business-to-Business Marketing

      MAYO Communications has worked with LAEDC and WTCA for 10+ years and has built a million editorial contacts over the years including national, regional and SoCal business editors.

    • Community Relations

      We have experience directing and managing several community relations projects, including "Wal-Mart Superstores - An Economic Impact," a study and media campaign that earned the award "Best Education Campaign," last year from Public Relations Society of America.
      MAYO raised $1 million in 2005 for MS Orange County Chp., and has worked with celebrity charity for Lupus and the late James Brown's Daughter and The American Cancer Society.

    • Consumer Marketing

      We have placed several products in the media and have experience working with such clients as D&L Toy Manufacturer of the "Stomp Rocket," to the global client of LIP-INK® International and Stevie Wonder's STICHES Technology products.

      Most recently, we have signed an emerging technology company SafeMedia Corp., Boca Raton, Fl., which has
      designed technology to prevent Internet piracy.

    • Corporate and Issues Advertising

      We work with various advertising agencies and often
      farm out advertising placement.We also work with partners for product placement.

    • Corporate Communications

      MAYO Communications designed and produced a monthly news tip sheet for Business Editors and writers called the "Business Beat News Tip Sheet™ that beat out 300+ agencies in stiff competition for the 2004 "Best Corporate Communications" award, PRSA. MAYO has also produced a monthly Transportation Beat News Tip Sheet™ that goes strictly to transportation writers and editors of planes, trains and highway issues.

    • Creative Services

      We have a creative services department and a graphic artist
      who worked for Lockheed for 35 years, retired and began designing invitations to logos for MAYO. He also teaches
      creative services at Cal-State Fullteron, CA.

    • Crisis Communications

      George McQuade, V.P., MAYO Communications has personally handled more crisis situations and campaigns than most relying on his experience as a working member of the press in print, TV and Radio. In 1998, McQuade persuaded CBS 60 Minutes to not do a hit piece on a federally funded agency, and instead pitched the news crew on a feature story that aired instead. He has personal managed the crisis and closure of the nationa's most pretine animal refuge, the Wildlife Waystation, when it was closed twice: once by
      the U.S. Dept. of Fish and Game and two years later by the Los Angeles County Fire Department for various political reasons. Using his media tactics and campaigns McQuade helped turn things around in both high profile incidents.
      Several stories have been written and McQuade often speaks on "it's not a matter of if, but when the next crisis will hit-are you ready?"
      Most recently a $500 million dollar transportation project
      came under fire for the way it was being managed. The CEO of the project hired MAYO personally to turn everything around because it was trying obtain Federal High Transportation dollars to fund the project under construction. MAYO created a new website and monthly newsletter that including the media and participants, which
      subscribed to the publication. Angry protesters decreased from a packed city hall of 500 to a handful of small gadflys.

    • Employee Communications

      From 1995-today McQuade, V.P. at MAYO Communications revolutionized the way employees were communicating at
      the world's largest gas company and the nation's large low income housing authority. By creating a call-In corporate and later a government employee radio newscast that was interactive, McQuade helped SoCalGas Co., now owned by Sempra Energy education its then 8,000 employees during
      reorganizing and downsizing for the first time in 100 years. As the housing authority moral was very low, until
      McQuade came up with several employee communications programs including the Employee Grapevine, (www.mayocommunications.com/products.htm) and an employee newsletter with lots of photos. McQuade even created a four page newsletter for the agency IT department so employees could see who and how they were plugged into the Internet and Intranets of the agency. All employee programs earn "Best Employee Communications" awards from PRSA, IABC, AND PCLA five years in a row. Most recently he designed a one of a kind ezine newsletter for a client that deals with business consulting.

    • Executive Outreach

      MAYO Communications works hands-on directly with CEO's and top executives who need refresher courses in public speaking, presenation and media interviewing skills. From major retail shopping center CEO's such as Century City Shopping Center, to LA Mart in downtown Los Angeles, McQuade has made life easier for many executives. Often MAYO is hired by executives, who need image repair or communications training.

    • Financial/Investor Relations

      The late Chief Economist Jack Kyser, LAEDC,who was MAYO's client for 10+ years was probably more accurate and more quoted than Alan Greenspan and assisted us in any financial Investor Relations from economic forecasts,to media strategy on wall street to features in Forbes Magazine.

    • Government Relations

      Our services include: public speaking, media training, crisis communications, governmental affairs, legal PR/lobbying, environmental affairs, social marketing, transportation, fundraising events and community outreach planning, special events, political campaigns, branding and media relations. Our niche: is media coverage and placement in print, TV and radio. On several assignments MAYO has used media relations to help in government relations campaigns from putting pressure on MTA to complete a highway project to helping a law firm in settling a govenment relations project gone awry. Our experience stems from projects, some that can not be mentioned that start at the White House to LA City Hall.

    • Internet Communications

      McQuade single-handedly lauchned Linux operating software using AOL 1.0 version email in San Jose, CA.
      In 1998, Mc Quade was awarded "Best Web Sites," by PRSA, and has mastered what he calls "Googlizing" unknown companies so they become well known almost overnight through industry keyword productions to optimizing ads and
      websites from ground zero. Ecommerce to controversial, but
      high profile sites have benefited from MAYO Communications.

    • Issues Management

      MAYO Communications has performed successfully internally and externally with major corporations and nonprofit on issues management. Some of our clients return for refresher projects and training.

    • Media Training

      MAYO has 15 years of experience. The staff is seasoned in Social Media, Reputation Management,TV, radio and print; have been as credentialed working members of the press the whole time. We training at your location on TV cameras and by phone if needed for radio taping sessions, where you can actually see and hear how well you
      improve in media training. Classes come with textbooks and reminders to "keep your powder dry." Usually one to two hours for executives, mid-level managers a half day.

    • Multicultural Marketing

      MAYO is a 100 percent Spanish and 100 percent Woman-owned public relations firm with unbelievable minority media contacts from Asian to Spanish media, they all love Aida
      who is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    • Public Affairs

      MAYO has earned many awards in public affairs events and programs. The most successful was four weeks before the United States went to war in Iraq, MAYO changed the name of a boring economic forecast to an exciting '
      "Economic Warcast," which created a buzz nationally for a study on the impact of going to war, in Southern California. It has never been done.

    • Research

      MAYO has a research team on everything from housing, jobs and law to high-tech. One study we reviewed and reworked turned into a blockbuster for a client. When dockworkers were locked out at the LA and Long Beach Ports, we saved the results of a research project until the height of the labor dispute showing the nation suffered $10 billion in economic impact from the 10-day lockout. $2 billion in California alone.

    • Social Education/Government Education

      One of our client released a study on the impact of 40 Wal-mart Superstores coming to California. Wal-Mart is an emotional word, but the way we handled the media strategy and campaign, Wal-mart garnered positive media coverage. MAYO received "Best Education Campaigns" from Public Relations Society of America competition last year.

    • Sports/Event Marketing

      MAYO does event marketing, but for general industry clients not sports events. MAYO has handle individual atheletes in the past. McQuade, V.P. negotiated a commercial shoot with Nike to be allowed shoot a commercial on a housing project property, in exchange a new basketball court would be built. When the Rolling Stones first came to America for a
      Stones reunion concert tour, Mc Quade handled the location shoot as well as movie location negotiated event marketing.

    • Transactions/M&A

      MAYO often farms this out.

    • Video Production

      MAYO Communications uses several video production companies. Our video product teams are award-winners and
      are the most affordable with quality on both ends.