Investment Highlights

  1. Limited Competition. Complete Identity has a unique business model and is certainly one-of-a-kind in terms of its product delivery and payment options.

  2. Favorable Market Position. Complete Identity has positioned itself as a leader in the market for now and well into the future by solidifying key partnerships with companies that rely on CI’s services as the backbone of their business.

  3. Long Term Partnerships. CI has developed some extremely high-profile partnerships that have helped the business grow exponentially. Included in these are professional services partners (lawyers, accountants, independent insurance companies/agents, HR professionals, consultants, etc.), Internet businesses and websites with large member bases, domain name registrars and other large member-driven companies that have benefited by providing CI’s services to their member base.

  4. Highly Effective and Experienced Management Team. The management team of Magolnick & Mora has a combined 25 years of experience in business development within more than 20 industries. In addition, Mike Magolnick has been featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, American Venture Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and many others based on his experience.

  5. Profitable, Low-Debt Business. CI is operating as a profitable, low-debt business and has been for several years.

  6. Opportunity. CI has 3 distinct opportunities above and beyond normal day-to-day business and organic growth: 1 – CI is working full force into developing reseller, affiliate and strategic partnerships to get CI’s services in front of the masses and build market share; 2 – CI is bringing on Independent Sales Agents (ISAs) in cities all over the US, which gives CI a position in a multitude of markets; 3 – CI is examining several potential acquisition targets for 2006, which will help CI build its infrastructure as well as client base and market share.

  7. Investor Exit Strategy. CI is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company Mobile Ready, which is listed on the NASDAQ Pink Sheets. The company would like to “upgrade” its public exchange to the OTCBB and ultimately the AMEX/NASDAQ within 18 months. By being a public company, CI has a resource for expansion and development funds while giving investors real equity in a profitable business that will have liquidity.