D & V Home Improvement

Investment Highlights

  1. D & V Home Improvement is pleased to announce there grand opening as of April 01, 2005. With over ten years in the Home Improvement field, we can provide customers with several different services and still provide quality satisfaction.
    D & V Home Improvement is a company that is determined to provide quality satisfaction at an economical price. The owners of D & V Home Improvement started planning to put together a home improvement company back in February of 2004 and set a grand opening date of April 1st, 2005. With over a year of strategic planning, D & V Home Improvement is now ready to offer the great services provided with economical prices.

    D & V Home Improvement’s customer service is next to none. With impeccable customer service and economical prices, this puts our customers in a win-win situation. Our customers are our number one priority, so when you decide to implement your project, call us for a friendly and respectful service.