NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications

Investment Highlights

  1. NorthernAxcess is making major changes within the satellite communications industry in its 2nd year of business, and has been formed on the basis of doing just that when a team of technicians, designers, web developers and other professionals have decided to bring the industry into the next generation of remote satellite communication voice and data. We have paved the way for other companies to restructure their web design, custom images of airtime cards, products and services, and overall lead the way for a new appearance and support structure for the satellite communications industry.

    By doing this we have been setting a new bar in the industry that we feel will bond more people from cellular only world to the upcoming advancements in Global satellite, with equipment like hotspots 2 way messengers, voice, sms, and email devices through the use of their smartphones, and other smart devices.

    We are at all times seeking those ones that are interested investors, application developers, technicians, interns, and more who see the value in what what we are trying to do and the brand we are trying to create, and are willing to help with taking NorthernAxcess to another level of business.

    So if you have any questions on investment, or merging possibilities feel free to contact us at 877-299-9931, or 619-207-4117. We would love to hear any and all ideas.

    The NorthernAxcess Team