Chapwood Investments, LLC

Investment Highlights

  1. What’s special about Chapwood?

    One of the first things we do is go through a very simple analysis that’s on our website that allows people to figure out, “What do I need to make based upon my spending and based upon what I already have?” We call that our Personal Austerity Calculator or ChapVest.

    What we do is take someone and say “How much downside can you handle in the next 12 months mentally and mathematically?” Once we determine that, we now know what our standard deviation is or what they can accept in volatility in their portfolio. That’s all we need to know because then we ask them to go to a second calculator called the Portfolio Analyzer and put in their current holdings. We have 8 metrics that can tell us whether your portfolio is efficient or not, whether it’s broken and needs to be fixed. Nobody else does that and that gives us the opportunity to get clarity on what someone needs to do with their portfolio based on their own particular circumstances.

    We can tell you, over the next 12 months based on historical data, how much risk you have in your portfolio. After you put in the numbers and your tax rate, simply click a button and it’ll tell you what you need to make. We’ve yet to find anybody whose current portfolio matches up exactly what they need to make, how much downside they can handle versus what they have. The less variance you have on a portfolio, the greater the upside compounded return will be.

    One of the things that’s unique with Chapwood Investments is that we take a family office approach to our client relationships. We meet with our clients on a quarterly basis to make sure everything is up-to-date. We make sure your estate plan is up-to-date, all your taxes and retirement accounts are taken care of, and more.

    We love helping people realize what they need to make so they can live a better life. There’s nothing worse than going to bed worrying every day about the next headline and how it’s going to impact your ability to buy your groceries, go on a vacation, or finance college. We want people to live a better life.