KWizCom Corporation

Investment Highlights

  1. Shared Cost Development Model

    Develop the application you need at 50% of its actual cost!!

    KWizCom has an ever growing list of SharePoint and Dynamics CRM add-ons you can purchase for your business
    but maybe you need an application that we have yet to develop.

    Can't find it? We can create it for you!
    Then again – other SharePoint integrators can do the same.

    So… why choose KWizCom? The answer is simple – cost!
    Custom development is expensive. All businesses look to achieve maximum results at minimum expense.
    With our Shared Cost Development Model we can give you exactly that.

    Our SharePoint experts can develop exactly what you need.
    If the application is a product that can suite other businesses as well we will share the cost of development with you!
    You receive what you need and we add the new application to our list of products.

    Everyone benefits!
    Would you like to participate in our Shared Cost Development Model?

    Please contact us at and tell us what you need.