About Ecapay

Expanding your business to a growing global market has never been more important. The Asian market, being the fastest growing, is one of the most important to tap. We at Ecapay will make doing business with this continent both fast and secure for you using our intricate networks and advanced payment system.

It is crucial for your business to utilize the best Internet programs to conduct successful transactions. For that reason, Ecapay uses IBM technology to ensure your Internet payments go smoothly. By harnessing IBM for your business through Ecapay, you are directly connecting with China’s $13-billion online payment network, along with the rest of the country.

Ecapay is funded by investors with strong backgrounds in banking and financing, we have been able to form beneficial partnerships with major banks and carriers across Asia. These partnerships making transactions possible anytime and anywhere, saving you and your clients’ money and time.

Our payment processing system offers numerous options to help you optimize your relationships with existing and potential customers. Using various payment options, your clients will see flexibility and security in their payment options — increasing your enterprise’s desirability.

Ecapay’s effective networking options — even growing to include popular social networks like Facebook and hi5 — will not only give your business a competitive edge, but also a secure worldwide presence.

In securing Ecapay’s services, you will have access to an Asia-wide payment processing market — and therefore access to more business opportunities.

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